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Marx’s time of capital is being ‘in-itself’, it is polished through movemental experience as being ‘for-itself’. In this scenario the factory space is denotative, which uplifts the workers experience in ‘for-itself’ being, in context to other hostile sections of society.  Through movement the space of factory turns connotative of the
It was insignificant enough to pay heed to solitary finitude of the place. Barely ten feet by eight.  I could glimpse the Aurora Australis , for our eyes were droopy enough to persist the Heroine codification. Rakesh in his slurry slant, who else but targeted towards Laloo Seth. Rabin generally
October 19, 2019, with Bruno Costa, Dalal Sarnou, Silvio Carneiro, and Jeremiah Morelock. Video 1/4: Jeremiah Morelock – brief introductionBruno Costa – “Critical theory and critical consciousness: Paulo Freire´s philosophy in the global South” Video 2/4: Dalal Sarnou – A Bennabian View of Civilization: On the specificity of Islamic Civilization
Objects confer to being in its wholesomeness. Epiphany strikes us, as partial objects carry the wholesomeness with it. It is by mere grace through which the objects causality is determined. As if it is by grace that the object-limit is trespassed. It is by the mere fact of soluble facticity,
PRIMER COLOQUIO ADORNIANO INTERINSTITUCIONAL Coordinated by Stefan Gandler Theodor W. Adorno en su 50 aniversario luctuoso 29 de octubre 2019, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro Auditorio de la Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales Cuerpos académicos: Modernidad, Desarrollo y Región (UAQ), Filosofía contemporánea (UdGto) Discurso de bienvenida                        9:30 h Arte
Critical and decolonial theories have long been mutually suspicious of one another. On the one hand, and rightly so, decolonial theories highlight the Eurocentric dimensions of hegemonic academic philosophy in general, and of critical theory in particular, questioning the alleged universalism that has inhabited critical philosophy from Hegel and Marx
Being ‘in-itself’ foretells the story of otherized capacity of present future. It is in its capacity of selfhood, that it partakes the journey of togetherness with the otherized self. The otherized self occurs through spaces of belonging, in past futural. Past murmurs in our ears like an unsolved mystery. It
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