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Dustin J. Byrd takes us through the journey of Rudi’s life and times. This historical biography podcast is designed to show the significance of Rudi’s triumphs and tribulations as he became the world’s foremost proponent of the Critical Theory of Religion. From Anti-nazi Air Force pilot to a Professor of
SELF AND SOCIETY SAVE THE DATE! FRIDAY (8/9) & SATURDAY (8/10) TWO MINI-CONFERENCES GRADUATE CENTER 365 FIFTH AVE NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10065 There is no charge for admission. BUT RSVP is required by GC security. RSVP by emailing co-organizer(s) Lynn Chancer at or Lauren Langman at Tentative
The Adorno online roundtable was on June 29, with participants Rudolf Siebert, Vladimir Puzone, Will Sipling, Jeremiah Morelock, and Jeet Bhattacharya. The session was recorded and edited into 3 videos that are now up on youtube. Link to them below: Video 1 of 3 Jeremiah Morelock, “Authoritarian Populism contra Bildung:
Illusive time is encapsulated in space. Space as an integrated three dimension has its own know-how. Three dimensional space is the objective limit. Time occurs through it. Time of future arrives as the fourth limit dimension, coalesced with the three dimensions of length, breadth and depth. The fourth limit dimension,
In March 1947 the American magazine LOOK published an article by Leo Cherne, entitled ‘How to spot a Communist’. Source: ‘How to spot a Communist’ (1947)
Guile self exponents its own sham. Under the disinterested locus, solitariness is all that one sought for. It is the liminal being, which is the master of its own movementlessness, gets over the randomness of other truth seekers emblematic points of utterance. It is through this morbid solitariness that one
Happiness memorizes ‘itself’ through certain areas from ones past belongings. It is tied to the memory of that particular place, yet happiness itself, to its core, is a wholesome category. It is an ideational object, people sought for. It is an object of random search. As it is a category
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