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Such are the endeavours of human life; it excels in its own becoming. Yet, meagre if coined through the biggies like the solar system. Man’s hymns are in recluse. It is of the loving domain, the earthly. But in a moment of energetic passion, we compare it with the solar
The Critical Theory Workshop’s online summer school (June 29-July 17, 2020) is an intensive online research program whose primary objective is to provide an international forum for trans-disciplinary and comparative work in critical social theory, in the most expansive sense of the term. Participants are exposed to the work of
History’s derision is time out of immanent present. It mocks permanence. Historical laws derive its fortitude out of impermanence. Singular event absconds the law. Singularity in history pertains to the event, built by the historical forces. Man’s immanent universe is taken back seat, as the event rides the motion. Very
CTRN online roundtable, May 7, 2020 Participants: Rudolf J. Siebert, Dustin J. Byrd, Michael Ott, Jeremiah Morelock
Ontical is the necessity. Nature abounds in everyday. It is habit. Ten thousands year old nature’s negation of elliptical curve. Shrill sound of thunder. My windowpane not resolved in nothing. I seek. Post-deconstructive meta distils the thunder as life form. Life’s negation of eliipsis as formation of second status, habit.
Por uma Psicologia Social que flua da antecipação dos problemas à passagem para uma nova sociedadeTexto – Diretoria Nacional da Associação Brasileira de Psicologia Social / ABRAPSO – 2020-2021Deivis Perez, Maria Cristina Dancham Simões, Mariana de Almeida Pinto, Pedro Henrique Antunes da Costa, Régis de Toledo Souza, Vanessa Louise Batista. Este
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Solemn prayers for the passer by. They are stranded. Strange city of artlike embarrassing of lonely Troubadour. I loved the way of being with for the other. Self negotiated as the loner. Topsy turvy reckoning of withering away of sludgy democrats. City, the arty affair in-itself. The great phantasmagoria, the
Who brings the foil? Body’s dissymmetric mirror. One froth of liquor. Otherized zone is not embarked.  Other debunking mythical chasing hole. Black out symptom. No more playing sailors, as we are seated inside. Me and my body whole increases. Crevasse par excellence. Join the strip. Paranoia stricken, I forgot the
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