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From Dr. Jean du Toit: Those submitting abstracts are reminded to send them to the conference email address (, rather than the personal email addresses of the conference organisers. If you have already sent your abstract to one of the organisers’ addresses please confirm receipt. Those submitting abstracts are reminded
How many people peopled the city? How many stories each of them inhere in life? How many streets are full with stories and anecdotes, of people, loving, or despicable? At what moment despite being one in million, one feels the estrangement of being; at what moment the concrete cityscape surpasses
Axioms are to be proven by the slurry romanticism of high sounding histories. Laws are on their own, proven time to time,  in behest of making and remaking.  Axiomatic laws are understandable in time, and the way to understand it, remakes the law itself. Who will be secondary to it?
A moral high scene circumnavigates perspectives of allied truths. Bogey men call down rhythm. Only in One is respite for many.  Yet many calls for the same, many perspectives. At least more than one or two or even three.  Here is the chance for total usurpation of Bourgeoisie think tank.
What is called a thing, is immediately thingified in closest association with it being three dimensional spatiality with six fonts, and observable twenty four Lamarckian sides for the troopers of untimely meditation. Body matter spatiality chooses being two dimensional imageified object, transfixed as observable four sides. It is at the
Topsy turvy effect of chief conundrum, bypass surgery of falling through the hell like syndrome of Amsterdam port, sharing coffee with the chieftain and Gorilla. Mexico City bar. Inside out, too much to fathom with the dealings around, admixtures of romance. I care none. Perfect play. Performative aghast.  Who is
Man’s human abode is the molecular developmental plasmatic state of worlding. Who cares for the abode when life is agog with its own sight and sound? Sound the primary creative matter, resolute the reckoning configuration of human body space. That is also filled with the basic substance, the materiality of
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