Back street of school life was dubious enough to reach the penetrative ego journey of a Romeo, unchained. After twenty odd years, I realized, I was awestruck by her cut-up techniques. Love prospered inbetween. I imagined her in 1987, beside the stack yard of railway colony. The space was utopic. She was the glamorous nymph, … Read more

Sum up

Life of north point is not so evanescent. It returns with the galore. How green was it? Nothing to pay heed, simplistically rustic.  Petrol bombs and chamber was the pinnacle of Texas like gay pride. Easy habit of being at one with the othering selfhood, masturbatory instincts and, comfort of coolness, of playing hide and … Read more

Crevasse as Inbetween

In Heidegger, space is the primal distinguishing factor.  Circularity of space is lingered ‘through’ in time.  Time corresponds to space in all its circularity. It is a transposition of ‘sameness’ of space in time. Being is oblivious of itself, its ethos.  Being takes its situatedness in space as ‘for-itself’ occurrence of Being ‘in-itself’.  Being is … Read more


Down memory lane, things are always jumbled up with one another, as spaces play tribunal with time ‘for-itself’.  This impure time from past corrugates to perceive the present as something which is not-at-home with itself. As if, it was in the past that all niceties of life arrived.  Children’s park watch the show of growing … Read more

Modern Clownship

Within the horizon of trivialities, life form also enamours itself with spirit of comic.   They lie beneath the topsy-turvies of idiocy that life itself reckons. In modern world, the presentation of comical characters is favoured with certain ‘inbetweenness’. They represent none of the sides. They are not with heroes, heroines or villain. They stand by … Read more

Spaces of Immanence

Spaces journeys through its thorough stillness. It offers itself through its ad-hoc three dimensional pictoriality.  Pictoriality lands and shrinks its “for-itself” otherized selfhood into two-dimensional imagified immanent spacehood. Space as condensed rubric of objective truth maker is spatially denotative. In the realm of reflection, spaces are used to confer upon itself its own terms of … Read more

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