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Aleksandra Veljkovic

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    SOFIJA KORDIĆ,  22. RUJNA 2017.

    Češka novinarka pod lažnim identitetom u samo pola godine promijenila je pet teških, mizerno plaćenih poslova. Njezina svjedočanstva o uvjetima […]

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  • “From a very early stage the ideological history of the bourgeoisie was nothing but a desperate resistance to every insight into the true nature of the society it had created.”

    G. Lukács


    Removing a […]

  • Excellent article and very actual. Very well exposes, unmasks the liberal concept of freedom and its political implications, showing that it is actually “empty concept of freedom” emptied of any meaning very easily misused in practice for the purposes of the worst enslavement and increase in the repression in the name of abstract freedom. These…[Read more]

  • I agree it is amazing article. In one way it’s provocative, but very actual and accurate, actual, fresh, theoretical, self-reflecting…
    The passages about Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, and NGO-s are also very powerful, for me, although many leftists connect themselves and their projects with this foundation.For example, in Serbia, any of new projects…[Read more]

  • Article originally posted on libcom by Scott Jay, on Jan 05. 2016.

    Editorial note: One more important article, from the beginning of this year, after all illusions of “left government” in Greece were […]

    • This is an amazing article, thanks for posting it! There are so many great quotes in here, with so much refreshing insight, and so well written. For example:

      “The Postmodern Left does not need to take money from the City of Oakland, or even have a tax-free status. It merely needs to confuse such activism as a challenge to the system without identifying its severe limitations. And why would anybody do that? Because this sort of activism is so exciting! And everybody else is doing it. And being the sole figure in the room who says there is something wrong here is a terribly lonely place to be, especially when you are attempting to build a base or recruit people or just mobilize people around anything at all in the hopes that something will be a basis for future struggle. But instead of struggle we get the performance of struggle.”

      The author does show a strong presupposition that “struggle” is the way to go, which I think needs further examination too. And simply stating that we need to get beyond the Spectacle, does not indicate to me how we can do that, or even if it is possible (I think Baudrillard’s actual position on this is probably less optimistic that the more Marxist position that is presented here).

      I am not convinced that resistance, class war and revolt hold The Answer. I’m personally more drawn to Godwin and early Habermas as far as the hope for an answer via the wholesale evolution of society, although most days I share in something closer to Adorno’s pessimism. Reform is flawed, revolution is flawed, and the status quo is flawed. In the end, we’re all more than a little solipsistic, in a sense, in that we are very ready to assume that what we are emotionally driven to believe is actually the Truth of things. So I have to second, or third, or fourth guess myself. It may be that my time would be better spent acting instead of thinking. But then again, maybe not.

      Regardless The Answer or lack thereof, I thoroughly advocate a sober examination of where best to put our energies, coupled with not only an openness but also an expectation that the answers might be very confusing and unpleasant. The Left hasn’t figured it out yet, that’s for sure. All goals and strategies need reexamining. This requires shattering our own idols, and not being afraid to ask questions that threaten our self-conceptions. In this sense, I absolutely love the “if it feels good, don’t do it” quote.

      This is a really great piece. It hit home and got me thinking. I agree in some ways and disagree in others. It is truly great to read an article of this caliber.

    • I agree it is amazing article. In one way it’s provocative, but very actual and accurate, actual, fresh, theoretical, self-reflecting…
      The passages about Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, and NGO-s are also very powerful, for me, although many leftists connect themselves and their projects with this foundation.For example, in Serbia, any of new projects of the left, like books, research networks, websites, workshops connected with left tradition, many of them are connected with Rosa L. S. and also other “radical movements” I think they loose their sharp and connection with reality of their ideas in collaboration with such NGOs and foundations. I do not know what to do and how to respond on this trends, I feel lonely in this, because everyone recognize this trends but there are so little efforts to actually do theoretical or practical work out of this institutional frames of different NGOs. There are more articles about this subject…I will post them later. Thesis “activism should be abounded” is strong thesis on what is going on…how activist praxes become profitable, and some kind of brand. I think it is a good inside to political economy,too.

      • That does sound constraining. Things are different in the United States of course, although w have no shortage of problems. I think possibly our biggest obstacle over here is the tendency to mob mentality and the associated possibility of left populism and right populism fueling the reactionary tendencies of one another and essentially fueling each other’s nightmares via self-fulfilling prophecy. I can imagine what you are describing somewhat though, I think. There’s strength in numbers, and there’s also the closing of the universe of discourse (Marcuse pun intended).

        There is a recurring dilemma about the importance of organization vs. individual critical thought which seems to me to be very difficult to get beyond, and also very important to look into carefully, for all of us. We want to make something tangible happen, and not just be so pure in our own estimations that we give up any actual practical leverage for change. And then, just making *something* happen is not good enough.

        There’s so many questions. What do we want? What will help bring us closer? What ends are worth what means? And will the means really bring us to the ends, or will they possibly perpetuate themselves and become increasingly untenable? What will be the resistance to the power we assert, the dialectical negation of our own efforts? How do we intend to engage with that resistance? Etc. How much can best be accomplished through politics-qua-politics and how much – depending on the guiding vision, of course – is best done on a more social-psychological or artistic-cultural level?

        I look forward to the other articles.

  • I am reposting this article/originaly posted in WideWalls by Andrey V.

    It is rare for an art movement to be completely original. The go forward meanings of avant-garde do not mean that its movements are a […]

  •  Editorial note: My post is inspired with Jeremiah Morelock post.
    –It is good example of activist writing.–Very important article for reading and for continuation of dialogue about protests and do they […]

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