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Within the horizon of trivialities, life form also enamours itself with spirit of comic.   They lie beneath the topsy-turvies of idiocy that life itself reckons. In modern world, the presentation of comical characters is favoured with certain ‘inbetweenness’. They represent none of the sides. They are not with heroes, heroines
The objects confer to bodies, delimiting the perceiving objects “out there”.  Object enters our consciousness as an extension of “meself”.  It is the fourth limit dimension or spatial time. Until this point there is no qualitative change in our perceiving the object. Yet, in a ‘moment of recognition’, objects come
How is it that we strike the full? It is our embarrassment that we know not how to distribute the consciousness to the object world around us? The grey matter of brain tells us that it is within and through the body that consciousness gains support to perceive the world
Things to do often offer us with a glimpse of future time. After-life of works are “for-itself” presencing of time forward, yet with a tinge of past metaphoric spaces. Past is a negative limit extension of “in-itself” presence of present. While Messianic explosivity comes down to present through past, a
Spaces journeys through its thorough stillness. It offers itself through its ad-hoc three dimensional pictoriality.  Pictoriality lands and shrinks its “for-itself” otherized selfhood into two-dimensional imagified immanent spacehood. Space as condensed rubric of objective truth maker is spatially denotative. In the realm of reflection, spaces are used to confer upon
Dungeon hills through ad-hock admiration. The big hole never succumbs to nothingness. The substances never forget to nullify the big hole, yet the hole creates through the airy holes, nothing is forgotten for many ones. It is perceived also through the landscapes. The hole creates gaps in the land space.
Oblivious by-passers lanes are forgiven of its hereness. Cunning shrewd topsy-turvy here and now are the ad-mixtures of what is to be done! Lofty ideals are born to be sold, at random hands of beggar’s lane.  Beggars do survive. The meagre autonomy of delinquent is brought down as daddies curb
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