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Glaring images, assessing itself through condensed sound, conglomerate with the passable pictorials, slashes the psyche. Solidified sound lands with image, in contradiction with upper hand pictorials. Imminent pictorials, immanent, gets starved and thingified with contra-pictures, images. Journey, not yet begun, but half done. Roundabout ways, solipsism towards the road. Road
Excess tributes its own delicacy. Excess of figural congealed assets of a Junk ridden road, yet the road is stopped and forgotten by others. They are at mercy, in our slurry mock-heroic hands. It is in necessity of absconding self that others are proven slurry. In this state of stationed
Ring the bells, for they rang before anyone could judge. The Pompeii concert of Pink Floyd, setting the limit of musical genius, the Con troopers, of time, beforehand. The first part starts with gasping sound of water drops, in willowed nature, reminding us of vacation time. Penetrating bifurcating sound of
One is under the immensity of psychotropic substances. There is a glare in the horizon, and acupuncture like precision in heart. There is no toil enough to surpass the boredom of this elastic state of being. One can see himself bend forward and push back to the same body, in
More info about the conference is available at the Dialoguing ‘Between the Posts’ initiative website. CfC: Dialoguing between the posts 2.0 workshop: (im)possible dialogue between the progressive forces of the ‘posts’; Faculty of Political Sciences,Belgrade, June 15th 2019, Abstract deadline May 14th Over the course of the 21st century, left-wing
Beside the street, narrow lane. It was made visible to me, only in dark.  For some of us, it was a real silent corner, good for bypassing the humdrum of the city. Time passed well with pot and chasing the hole, with rabbit and other dreamy petrifactions. Time was bifurcated;
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