Habermas on Brexit and the EU crisis

*This interview is reblogged from Zeit Online, originally published 7/12/2016. The players resign Core Europe to the rescue: a conversation with Jürgen Habermas about Brexit and the EU crisis. Interview: Thomas Assheuer DIE ZEIT: Mr Habermas, did you ever think Brexit would be possible? What did you feel when you heard of the Leave campaign’s … Read more

Theory of Destitution

*The following is an extracted section taken from a document called “To Our Friends,” written by The Invisible Committe, published in 2014. I have posted it here to supplement yesterday’s post by Aleksandra Veljkovic that takes a close look at the question of the efficacy of rioting. The article promotes destitution as liberatory political strategy, … Read more

Do Riots Work? Part I and II

 Editorial note: My post is inspired with Jeremiah Morelock post. –It is good example of activist writing.–Very important article for reading and for continuation of dialogue about protests and do they work? Originally published by It’s Going Down on July 9, 2015 and April 19, 2016 author: unknown In the past several months since the … Read more