Bureaucratically Distorted Communication: The Case of Managed Mental Health Care

My recent article from Social Theory & Health 14(4), September 2016. Abstract Mental health treatment providers today are subject to insurance company regulation. Using grounded theory to analyze 33 interviews of treatment providers, I portray this regulation as a form of surveillance that operates through discourse, and ask how treatment providers communicate with and through this system. … Read more

Adorno – Lecture 1 on Negative Dialectics: “The Concept of Contradiction” (11/9/1965)

This post is part of my ongoing blogging project called “Critical Theory Down to Earth.” In these posts I provide summaries of and brief reflections on writings throughout the wider critical theory landscape. Adorno denotes non-identity as a central motif of his negative dialectics, distinguishing it from the more typical ‘positive’ dialectics epitomized in Hegel. In … Read more