Marcuse Society newsletter #16 (October 2017)


MARCUSE SOCIETY Conference: York University, Toronto, CANADA. “The Dialectics of Liberation in an Age of Neoliberal Capitalism.” October 26-28, 2017 

October 2017  /  No. 16
Critical Highlights


Special Issue
NEW POLITICAL SCIENCE:Marcuse in the Twenty-First Century 
Radical Politics, Critical Theory, and Revolutionary PraxisVolume 38, Number 4, 2016

Guest Co-Editors
Robert Kirsch and Sarah Surak

Robert Kirsch and Sarah Surak:ARTICLESConference Plenary: When Liberation Movements Become One-Dimensional: On Critical Theory and Intersectionality
Arnold L. Farr, Amahlia L. Perry-Farr and Louisa N. Perry-Farr

The Rationality of Philosophy
Herbert Marcuse

Beyond the One-Dimensional University: A Marcusean Critique of Outcomes Assessment
Brandon Absher

Critical Pedagogy in the Neoliberal University: Reflections on the 2015 York University Strike through a Marcusean Lens
Dean Caivano, Rodney Doody, Terry Maley and Chris Vandenberg

The Counterrevolutionary Campus: Herbert Marcuse and the Suppression of Student Protest Movements
Bryant William Sculos and Sean Noah Walsh

Displaying Garbage: Installations as Spaces of Domination and Resistance
Sarah Surak

Herbert’s Herbivore: One-Dimensional Society and the Possibility of Radical Vegetarianism
Katherine E. Young

Are We the Walking Dead? Zombie Apocalypse as Liberatory Art
Nancy D. Wadsworth

Marcuse: A Critic in Counterrevolutionary Times
Silvio Ricardo Gomes Carneiro


Crisis and Commonwealth: Marcuse, Marx, McLaren
Review by Aaron Major

 The Dialectics of Liberation
Review by David Schultz

Paris Lectures at Vincennes University, 1974: Global Capitalism and Radical Opposition
Review by Jeffery L. Nicholas

Douglas Kellner


Edited by JASON DEL GANDIO and AK THOMPSON, this new book published by SUNY Press (2017) provides an introduction to “the eros effect” — the concept developed by George Katsiaficas — and assesses its significance for understanding spontaneous global uprisings.

The Eros Effect and Global Revolution


Eros Effect:
People Power and People’s Uprisings




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