Cosmic Boredom

One is under the immensity of psychotropic substances. There is a glare in the horizon, and acupuncture like precision in heart. There is no toil enough to surpass the boredom of this elastic state of being. One can see himself bend forward and push back to the same body, in recluse. Every minute movement is perceptible, in a magnified scale. Time itself is given a call, magnified to a large extent. Couple of hours would mean a journey to pre-history, with no by-passers, just an empty vessel or the immanence of a dark corridor, with a few shadowy faces. We were the sudden historian, acting out our predestined roles in motionless deeply rooted structures of human narrative, which is supposed to elope in a sudden apocalypse. That didn’t make us any fearful or any further derangement of moral dilemma. Only morality left was to score, and prolong. In this elongated condition, we could see ourselves situated in time, at one with it, and also, in its fragmented bifurcated horizontal line, time spatialized. Body is the space of time. In this condition, a single movement of the body is perceived like elastic, one observes time. Moving back and forth can be seen as coming and going through many frames. Frames are time spatialized. Each frame is time, capsuled in space. This is the fourth dimension. Length, breadth, depth and spatial time, or time spatialized. Body is present as whole, in this elastic spatial time. It is a supra-reflective state, where thought is ingrained in body’s spatial time, elongated and elastic. Which can be stretched to the borders of finitude. The most interesting part is, there is another ‘time’ in this mode of experience. This I call ‘pure-time’ or, thought-matter’. Apart from three dimensions and spatial time, there is the presence of this ‘pure-time’, which frames all four, length, breadth, depth and spatial time. It is the experiencing of ‘after’, a time from future, the messianic explosivity. This I call ‘thought matter’, delineated from surrounding qualifiers of three dimension spatiality and time spatialized. It is felt, as if, one is a left over of all the four dimensions, impact of a residual from present, at one with futural projectedness. Time is slow, and one is already in future. Due to the fact that time becomes slow, so the ‘pure-time’, the fifth dimension surpasses the other four dimensions. It is future lived, ‘thought-matter’ as imminently   immanent, immanent in its being at one with body and the surroundings as an extension to the matter, body.

Certainly it is something which can be glimpsed in an acute state of boredom. In this state, time can be added to infinity to bear in the semblance to a cosmic  age. In this condition, being is an effect, it is in a situation of ‘after’. It is a topsy turvy condition, by passers would laugh to watch, a certain inbetweenness overwhelms. 

I am indebted to Gayatri Chakraborty Spivak for this article.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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