Echoes: Troopers of Time

Ring the bells, for they rang before anyone could judge. The Pompeii concert of Pink Floyd, setting the limit of musical genius, the Con troopers, of time, beforehand. The first part starts with gasping sound of water drops, in willowed nature, reminding us of vacation time. Penetrating bifurcating sound of water drops is felt as sound, already appeared. Much before the race of human. Albatross hangs motionless in airy substance, brings in psyche the discordance of sound to body-matter. Constant sound reminds us of null, zero. Yet zero exists, and sets the limit to infinity, the lyric. The intermingling of sound as already appeared and lyric, the locus of infinity brings about the notion of natural , history being caged through it. History affirms its movementlessness.  Contrary to the popular notion, the words green and submarine hints at death, life as submerged species. Lost Atlantis as an anecdote for the passing of Greco-Roman Empire. Earthly matters starts to climb the light. Heat substantiates the world, the homing of nature. Naturality is displaced as history of person. I am you, and what I see is me. Chance as the occurrence of humanity in solitude. Confusion as gift of nature, and may I lead you through the land taking the tiresome hand. Ghost of Empire carries its soul on us, the troopers. And thus, no one forces our eyes downwards. Still we can’t fly above the sun, the home does, earth. The primordial substance. Shrill electric apparatus mingled with non-stop drums shows the pensive state of humanity’s tension. Though morning ambassador comes as respite, still no one sings us lullabies. Loving humanity, yet it has no surprise gifts for the ageing . No one comes to close our eyes, so our windows are wide open, waiting for the next generation troopers. Constant drumming with strings hints at no tandem corners for the trippy troopers. All spaces goes so wide, that spatial-body shrinks  into minuscule. Yet existence goes on. High flying.

This writing is dedicated to Bernard Larka, who in September 1998, officially re-named me as Syd Barret, the Con trooper. Beyond officialdom, this piece is also dedicated to and inspired by the remarks of Gayatri Spivak, Biman Bose ,Anita De and Co-trooper, Uddalak Basu.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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