Morbid Fecundity

Guile self exponents its own sham. Under the disinterested locus, solitariness is all that one sought for. It is the liminal being, which is the master of its own movementlessness, gets over the randomness of other truth seekers emblematic points of utterance. It is through this morbid solitariness that one maps the other syndrome. Other is distinguished in its corrosive effectuating of oneself. One is above oneself and many. Asymmetric utterance of many is made symmetric for the selfhood chalice, to go to the next zone of disinterestedness. Ones morbidity is transposed on the self seeking other, standing hysterical naked. Dome of selfhood! Cartesian I is in formation of an aporia, the transitory self. It delineates being, in its shabbiness. Non-confrontation with the other. Self is in recluse. Its recluse is within in “for-itself”. It is the liminal limit of contextual utterance, de-contextualized. De-contextualization as a tandem homing of the soul seeking self. The starving “For-itself” is “In-itself” de-contextualized, in the ragged corners of self. Self seeks its morbid galaxies limit, distance mapped in untimely boredom. The price of self. Political sphere shambles through it. Non-emergence of the political as a tripping corridor of justice, through which one embodies the “In-itself”, the core of being. At one and many with oneself and the dispossessed other. Dispossessed other harasses being. Its core is nurtured through this state of being, where the other is not in home. True being is exasperated. Now, it delineates itself, through the researched other. It harasses him more. The guile is put into question. It is the slur of Philosophy. “For-itself” contextualized as “In-itself”. Metaelliptic curves appear, to the dome of self. Self occupies the “For-itself”. De-contextual limit is a occupational grace. “In-itself” being foresees the grant. It is arranged in the stars of futural projectedness. Life’s dispersal is well arranged now. Friendship emerges, from the corners of unattended liminal grassy field of de-contextualized otherness. Heaven occupies earth.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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