After-Life Coming

Man’s human abode is the molecular developmental plasmatic state of worlding. Who cares for the abode when life is agog with its own sight and sound? Sound the primary creative matter, resolute in reckoning the configuration of human body space. That is also filled with the basic substance, the materiality of consciousness. What then is death, the complete nihilistic pattern of thought and elopement from all worlding, the earthly visages of life thought? Life being immersed in its own potentialities, begets death in its evanescent   forgetting. We forget to bring about death in life patterns in our unattended celebration of life. ‘Who is here, wealthy and young?’  Life prospers through it, in very fundamental materiality of forms. Contents are always there to back track and serve, never although fulfilment. Matter substitutes substance in its agogness of life immersed forms. Forms, forms, and forms, here is to life and uncharted celebration of fulfilment in turn around visages. We forget in the mask of dual thinking. Dichotomies are never preceded by its own immersion in visages, in the emptiness of life forms, in our tandem soliloquies of intimidating imperfection and the search for newness amidst the old following patterns of thought and immanent activities. We take chance with novelties of junkie life or with morphine substance, to check the eternal time in miniscule momentary lapses. The conness arrives through it. Junkie life introduces formalistically in the miniscule the old pranks of con childish innocence. The penultimate plenitude, going through the yester-years. Also it messianically brings us, to the untraveled life evolvement of sultry climes schooling of awe stricken boredom. Death, the imperfection eludes yet, gayish consciousness evolves through it.

If body matter is the all but One and lies through in the originary gay sciences of sound matter, what then is extinction? What about the possibility of second coming? If the fundamental substance, consciousness is filled-up with airy wholes, what then is its relation with body matter? Body matter elopes with death, where goes the substantial consciousness? If the body matter is primary, then conscious substance is an extension of body limit in the airy whole of substance, made of sound waves, the basic material and other molecular patterns. But if sound is all behind the scene, then with the destruction of the body spatial limit, the matter returns to the substantial air, to mingle with its sound matter form, to remake the spatial limit again, in the dubious ‘worldling’, the hope for second coming. Here everything is ‘selfified’, body space limit is denoted through and as an extension of airy matter of sound, already mingled before, is the chance for second coming. “After- life” evolves through the ring of airy substances. It ushers hope for the canons of physics departments. The grand design is proven. Life as an open textuality, coming, going and further coming, to rejuvenate the half a page of scribed lines, again and again. It offers us a glimpse in miniature moments to finish the works not taken in life ‘beforedom’. History merges with physical sciences to rework the literati. Life strives for newness.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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