Perspectives of Immanence

What is called a thing, is immediately thingified in closest association with it being three dimensional spatiality with six fonts, and observable twenty four Lamarckian sides for the troopers of untimely meditation. Body matter spatiality chooses being two dimensional imageified object, transfixed as observable four sides. It is at the upper limit of the twenty four sides Lamarckian thing, thingified with the observational eye. Total twenty eight sides, one is three dimensional pictorial with six multiplied by four sides, total twenty four perspectives and analytical  axiomatic effect for the perspective catcher eye. In its upper limit there is two dimensional object with four corrugated side. This makes twenty eight perspectives total. The grand alliance of all of them is the thin fibre like time, pure futural, at the limit extension of downward side, touching the hope of worlding. Yet it encircles the twenty four side thing pictorial with four sided object image, with an underlined time of pure fututal object image, pure times reckoning. Total twenty nine (29) object-image-pictorial sciences perspective to a single fact like immanence of object-image, transforming into pictorial as along the way it usurps the vital two dimensional object. At the end, it becomes twenty nine sided object-image-pictorial, always with time getting encircled through meta-elliptic phases to become object-thing. In the process of thingification, the ring of twenty nine sided object –image-pictorial prisms emerge as purely Immanent seasoned gas chamber phenomena of  deducing twenty four sides, meaning six multiplied by four plus two plus two four, and One. The pure perspective of time, immemorial. So object image is of two plus two multiplied by six, and in this process the object image transformed into thing, the solid rock of three dimensional limit to a perspectiveal act, the corrugated syndrome of making the limit science of distance. The twenty four dimensionality is distanced from two dimensional object image. They are brought together by null time futural, the thin line of twenty ninth perspectives. Meta-elliptic curves make possible the limit distancing of all the perspectives, yet it is the one which conjoins twenty four plus four plus one, into a twenty nine spaced dimension. From it the One of pure time or time futural always eludes the structure to bring in boring ring. The cosmic boredom of time counting begets time through its forgetting. Pure Time the 5th dimension as being primary, and twenty ninth dimension of its (pure time) elliptic curves is what makes the perspective upto nth number as the ring will multiply from two multiplied by two plus one plus twenty four, upto nth term. Though the basic is one plus four plus twenty four, which amounts to twenty nine solid object like image-pictorial. Boredoms fifth plane is an image and not a pictorial for it is relied upon three dimensionality, and one spatial time. Here three dimension thing at the beginning become three dimensional cube like thingified particle, with six into four, twenty four thingified pictorial. Spatial time, the fourth dimension becomes an image object with two multiplied by two, four imagified object scenes. The last one, the pure time, becomes the only sign of narrative of time futural. A time so pure and observable, it telecasts the last of the fundamental perspective, the twenty ninth. Though it can be elongated to nth term or perspective. Yet, twenty nine begets the fundamental choice for immanent perspective of time-matter.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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