A moral high scene circumnavigates perspectives of allied truths. Bogey men call down rhythm. Only in One is respite for many.  Yet many calls for the same, many perspectives. At least more than one or two or even three.  Here is the chance for total usurpation of Bourgeoisie think tank. To have many perspectives in one or two plane of immanence. Yet the master caller, fifth limit dimension is the tandem player of all other perspective. Here there is only one perspective. The perspective of future time distance.  One corrugates to two, three or four, even five, but as a multiple of one.  The real perspective motion of three dimensional space is deducted from the fourth spatial body time, as two multiplied by one, as two dimensional figurative. Thus is the somnambulist ring, always here and there to round up the futural one into many perspectives of homing in the horizon.  Love the two and fro.  Apocalypse never ends though, in one to two. The ring persists.  It is the somnambulism, which breaks two into one plus one, and then again, subtracts one from one plus one, and begets only one. This one is the primary locus of fifth dimension, the messianic explosivity. This is the time of future calling.  Here there is only one plane of imminent immanence.  Life follows through it in only one, which can be unthinkable in three dimensional pictorial spaced bodies, yet one is one, amidst the fifth dimension of space subtracted time. The pure notion of time, one single stroke downwards from three dimensional space limit, and three  dimensional  fourth body matter.  It is a high scene for the perception to even think of the master caller perspective, of fifth limit dimension. Here perspectives are at one, as there is no space, perspectives are made up of pure time, observable and pure felt, as in narcotic drooping.  Only in space there are perspectives more than one. Here a perspective has no limit, yet it is the addition of one. This means two or three will 1+1 or 1+1+1. The philanthropy of one towards other number digit. Life reckons this one only as possibility.  The elopement of all the numbers to one, and, only one perspective.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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