Axiomatic Journey

Axioms are to be proven by the slurry romanticism of high sounding histories. Laws are on their own, proven time to time,  in behest of making and remaking.  Axiomatic laws are understandable in time, and the way to understand it, remakes the law itself. Who will be secondary to it? The laws itself compromises and becomes secondary to its way of articulation. It is bypassed as content ‘in-itself’. While the articulating way, becomes the formal gestation, ‘for-itself’ which thinks through all the topsy –turvy historical anamnesis. Its ways are various. Life-world reckons the pursuit. It delivers us freedom from historical wrong understanding of self and other. The axiom itself becomes the other before its long journey of articulated self. Or, the articulation as self. The axiom erupts in its rearranged obsolete vaporised evaporatedness. The axiomatic formula becomes the other of its own selfhood gained through the long historical path, presented through the way the axiom is proven.

Being traverses the historical path to be one with itself by remaking the paradigm of the axiomatic way. Who knows not the solitary debunking of paradigmatic ways?  Life is at its full frame. The axiom is framed not from the beginning but is brought down from the palace to be at par with the paradigm of axiomatic journey. It changes the axiom.  The axiom evaporates through the ways of its own benign being. The movement transcends the locus of axiom. It is reproved by time, and in time. The philanthropy of the axiom is to deliver itself to the path, for-itself. Impurities are meant to be worthy. Life transfers through the being of axiom. Axiom gains motion. Love life lost in axiom, debunks the hollow myth of solitary in-itself being, for in the midst of impurities of the way, axiom and life gains it’s ‘for-itself’ status. The plane of the axiomatic journey transposes it’s being in the motion full axiom of livelihood.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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