In Pursuit of Sameness

In repetitive action the whole of the body is situated in space.  Yet, the prior earlier state of body situated in space is brought in a kind of spatial denotation. So, in repetition the body replaces the space and is conjured up in another space. Here the body is repeated.  Chalice of boredom faces repetition as semblance. Here even the conjuring space is moved with the body. Due to the movement of outside spatiality, the core of the body’s inside is conditioned as a change. For the outside onlooker, this situation is the repetition of earlier state. Yet from inside, the situation is changed. This is the pursuit of sameness, as with the body, even the spatial domain is “in-itself” situated with the body in another place. It is the sameness of the wholesome.  But the newer space becomes the outside. And in conjunction with the earlier prior space, inside becomes same. The outside evolves after issuing itself with the newly wedded semblance of the body and its earlier denotative space. In repetitive action, the emerged space will shift position but the space won’t move. While in semblance, the whole of the body and with it, its outside genus of space is thoroughly moved to a newer location, in both denotative and connotative sense. 

Semblance occupies the position in art as appearing. Here it is a process, ad infinitum. Repetition halts with the body’s transfer from one place to another due to the reason that the earlier prior space doesn’t shift. In semblance, the whole space, within the space, the body concerned is shifted from one place to another.  Concerned humility of art intones semblance as perfect motion, which from outside seems like repetitive change. Our home ground shifts with all the belongings. In a sense, in both connotative and denotative sense, the wholesome of spatial domain is shifted, because it is our new home now. Here the change of home itself might seem as repetitive motion of outside, but due to the lack of change of inside pictoriality and utterance of home ground, act of semblance is reckoned for.  The inside is changed.  2947.1

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