Subsumed Consumer

If the subject is objectified, thence the process of objectification rules the subjecthood of in process objectification of the subject.  Then the co-ordinates of objectified subject are in relation of sameness with the object. It is a relation of perfect identity, in a sense; sameness rejuvenates the identification of the objectified subject with the object prior.  With the process of identification, subject hollows as a liminal residual being.  Reduction analytic proposes the lessening of the subject‘s status as subject.  It will be a lessening of the subject’s spatial denominator in a sense, residual situation of the located subject now occupies lesser space.  Due to the fact of wholesome reduction of the subjecthood and its spatial location is in a lesser amount of space, so, the ingrained residual portion of the subject has more density than before the beginning of the reduction process of subjecthood. So, we can see how through reduction analytic, subject’s residual non-subjecthood state increases the density of these non-subject residual state of the subject.  Vitality of the non-subject is prior concern now.

The silly advertisement photographs and video reduces the human entity into objectified consumer. Yet this reduction introduces money power for buying the commodity.  So, the vitality charge increases, and the reduced subject, despite in a non-subject residual state buys the commodity.  Man is in a lesser state, according to reduction analytic.  Even in meagre money his living power and the density of the life-world increases. As he is instinctually objectified and holds a mere space in the world of Victorian romantic ethos of mankind, his immensity of life is increased.  The process of objectification goes against itself. It is in a perfect state of semblance.  Because, there is no contradiction or change from outside, the process of objectification wins over the stalemate state of contradiction, which is a situation of outside. Yet, from inside, the process of objectification goes against itself.  Semblance is the art of reckoning the consumer.  �R

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