Dungeon hills through ad-hock admiration. The big hole never succumbs to nothingness. The substances never forget to nullify the big hole, yet the hole creates through the airy holes, nothing is forgotten for many ones. It is perceived also through the landscapes. The hole creates gaps in the land space. The land space corrugates as thin crevasse gets through it. Through the seasonal shower the crevasse is filled with mud and landslides. It is for the ever young earth which never attains the wholesome over aged. It is as if a watery letter is enveloped towards the land earth, and the dreams of thousand souls are fulfilled. Crevasse begets the dominion status through its opening being made the same with landscapes. The fulfilment of the spaces, never empty, never nothing, wisdom to earthlings. The worlding is the focus of human race, being trampled through the mapping of horizon. But the crevasse is made to fulfil its own gaps and holes. We trample it; disturb it, for sowing the seeds for futural decomposition, which makes the earth fruition through the always emerging new seasonal drainage through shower and thunder.

The opening gap, namely crevasse, is the daughter of us, the masses, the full trotted men, watching over to sow the seeds in crevasse hole. Rain water gets shelter through it, so our seasonal seed takes its evanescent dip into the corner of the crevasse. We love to be with it, the new seasons with mellow ripeness. It is like a love letter from the Gods to our habitat. The address is always the earth and its favourable worlding being, the man. We go to get the meaning through our life evoking seeds which are trampled inside the crevasse hole.  Fullness to life. Thereness of the gap is celebrated for the many hopes of the many, at oneness with life. We return home with the newly wedded crops merging with the hole, the crevasse. Our homing is filled with joy and hopes with the embarrassment of sowing seeds in the other worldly cracks in the land. It is through these cracks that the humanhood gets its full status as civilisational quotient. Our citizenship on earth is furthered by the cracks made on earth.  It is the root of tele-theological emblem that occurs to mankind every time it rains or thunder. Crevasse sustains through its elopement with nothingness.

I am indebted to Gayatri .C Spivak for this article.

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