Belonging Inbetween

The objects confer to bodies, delimiting the perceiving objects “out there”.  Object enters our consciousness as an extension of “meself”.  It is the fourth limit dimension or spatial time. Until this point there is no qualitative change in our perceiving the object. Yet, in a ‘moment of recognition’, objects come in reference to certain “inbetween” spatial connotation. As the object enters our consciousness, there amounts to our ‘understanding’ a qualitative change, which is due to the reason that  inbetween spaces are located outside the realm of our body, which bears the patchwork of our consciousness. Now the consciousness is situated outside “meself”. This is a qualitative change in the object which is conferred upon us. It is the main reference of our belonging in the earth. This spatial connotation has a notational location of time. It is of primal belonging. It is a way of belonging as a primal mode on earth.  Though is enters  our consciousness as an “after” of perceiving of the object domain, yet in its time frame, it corresponds to the very primal locus of  self , situated out there, beyond  the realm of our body. It is a self, situated inbetween the object and us which occurs only when we beget time. The time of the “inbetween” is located in fold of belief and wisdom. It is the most auspicious promise from past, which travels through us in a futural disposition.  In a “moment of understanding” this primal mode of belonging on the earth become one with the fifth dimension of time, the “thought-matter”, or the Messianic explosivity.  What we can understand from this initiation of taking part in the knowledge procedure is that objects and we are only related in this world by the spatial domain of inbetweenness which in its own way, is independent of our body spatiality or the objectal reference.  The oneness of inbetween spatiality with the fifth dimension of time or Messianic explosivity occurs only when we pay heed to history and its longing for uttering its essence or meaning to the lonely soul hitch hiking through the object world.

I am indebted to Amarta Sen for this article.

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