Inbetween World

How is it that we strike the full? It is our embarrassment that we know not how to distribute the consciousness to the object world around us? The grey matter of brain tells us that it is within and through the body that consciousness gains support to perceive the world around. But the teleology enmeshed within the object world has its own meaning of understanding.  It has its own Dasein, corrugated “in-itself”, its own meaning. It is its “thereness” from our world which makes the meaning possible in our brain. Why it is so? What happens to our bodily consciousness after we are dead? Even after death do we perceive things as it were before? Due to such essential questions, and as we see and perceive things out there whose meaning is not always dependent on our conscious effort, consciousness is something which appears “inbetween” the world ‘out there’ and me. Consciousness is something which arrives to us from outside and mingles with the grey matters of brain and the locus of heart. Heart and brain are inside our bodily gestation of the formal, yet it strikes accord with the things and objects outside. How is it possible, if there is no intermediately stationed and also moveable consciousness which mediates from ‘outside of the body’, inbetween consciousness, and the objects around? Consciousness is the grey matter stationed or illumined with the concrete help of outside negotiators, the object world of images. The stationed object world is reflected back on our mind, with the help of “outside” realm of consciousness. Here object world is reflected back onto the subject. This “inbetween” world of consciousness is what makes our idea of the object world possible. The object is out there, yet, it comes to us, inside us, through the grey matters of substantial consciousness. The consciousness is stationed inside me, yet it is transpositionally posited outside of me, as it hinges inbetween the world and me. Thus is the Dasein which supports the thesis of a world of consciousness, which delieanates the contours of “inbetweenness”.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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