Being futural

Being ‘in-itself’ foretells the story of otherized capacity of present future. It is in its capacity of selfhood, that it partakes the journey of togetherness with the otherized self. The otherized self occurs through spaces of belonging, in past futural. Past murmurs in our ears like an unsolved mystery. It is through unlocking of its mystery that past spaces appear like the tensionless time from utopic zonal ecriture, a time spatialized, like a letter enveloped in our name. It is through the morbid trope of present that past appears as utopia. It murmurs in our ear. It enlivens us. The past spaces are memory, working through the time of present. The past is posited in future.  The modal operation of being in the past with its nodal ecriture being futural, the futural space has less density as the space of future increases. On the other hand, dense spaces of past is corrugated through the present in future. Future takes the present with it. Thus the space increases, while the density decreases. It is the unfettered memory which bears the semblance of future. In this situation, the space of past is lived from within the heart and soul of the beholder. We may or may not glimpse the future, but timeized zone of past futural, as is lived through semblance as past yet again, the density of pure futural time spatiality increases. As it is the calling from the outside realm of thought, its density is thick, as it is yet to be lived. It is from time immemorial to time without past reckoning, a purely futural, thought’s immanence, ingrained in the spaces of belonging. It attains the density of a life in its fulfilment. To think through the zones of past time, the memory settles itself for calling of the future. Possibilities emerge through it. We, the ‘in-itself’ occurrence of present is bypassed through past, in a much denser ‘for-itself’ future. Being, to be. The future, as it is ‘for-itself’ for it is at one with the being with for the spaces, spatiality dissolves for a time ‘in–itself’ ,with the for-its own past futural. A pure future, whose resonance we can only feel through delineated time spatialized. As in a same space, past and future belongs together, it appears as thicker than the beforehood. Past spaces are connotated, as it is future ‘in-itself’. It is through this pink status of time that we memorize the past, in accordance with the present futural, where present is only situated in a futuredom of past resonances.  The time self is thicker than before, as it is yet to be lived. Life’s mysteries appears in semblance with past, time to time, yet the before is always ready at hand, to make the imbecilic tribe like human feel the prosperity of future. It is the ‘not-yet’. And we usher hope.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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