Objects confer to being in its wholesomeness. Epiphany strikes us, as partial objects carry the wholesomeness with it. It is by mere grace through which the objects causality is determined. As if it is by grace that the object-limit is trespassed. It is by the mere fact of soluble facticity, that objects offers us a glimpse of the whole of the fact, which determines the graceful nature of objects limited to object hood. Objects are shown to be as images turned upside down. It is reflected on us. It carries within it the living nature of an animal. Objects attain life. Due to the fact that in reflection we see the opposite, so the images are offered to us in an eastside west manner. The objects attain a magical quality. The partial object, which generally offers us with a partial instance of material world, but, in epiphany, the objects attain wholesomeness, a certain synecdochic transposition is attained through surroundings, which makes the object more than itself. It is a ‘for-itself’ state of the object, which looks through us and shows the limit of exchange between our surroundings and us. Images confer to bodies the wholesomeness about the life-world in general.  The master surroundings now mean more than itself. The magical objects are in a one to one correspondence with the surrounding. The objects transcends into a homogenized state of being, at par with its surroundings. The objects bother us to feel the emptiness of life-world. Yet, the object, in its transference means more than itself. Despite its ‘for-itself ‘status, it hints at the nullity of life. In a certain sense, epiphanies refer to the second coming of Christ. It is for the believer to believe whether the Messiah will arrive or not. By hinting at the nullity of mere life, the epiphany refers to bother us that something might come to us, with all its fullness. It makes the object world upside down, like a miracle. Through this process where the objects gain a ‘for-itself’ status, the almighty hints us that changes will be delivered soon. Objects shed light on the factic, which abounds us with mere living, is now in a heightened state. It may hint at the druggery, yet it confers hope by making the objects more than itself. Objects one to one correspondence with the surroundings makes our experience larger than life. And we wait for the ‘not-yet’.

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