Voices of Capital

Marx’s time of capital is being ‘in-itself’, it is polished through movemental experience as being ‘for-itself’. In this scenario the factory space is denotative, which uplifts the workers experience in ‘for-itself’ being, in context to other hostile sections of society.  Through movement the space of factory turns connotative of the anger of proletariat, as the space becomes ‘in-itself’. The space turns self-sufficient.  The link with other classes is broken. The workers space is stuck up in it’s self-sufficient solipcisistic ring of experience.  Workers self-sufficient anger dethrones its species being location and dooms it only as a mere worker.  The ring always falls short of a consciousness which links the species being with other beings.  The experience uplifts the worker yet it turns him in his own self-sufficient locality. The locality is doomed to be forgotten as it is only for the worker and managers as yet it should have been turned into being of the species, a trope for human longitudinal belonging among various sections of society. The scenario dissipates into none.  In Benjamin the dialectical image is nor past, nor present, but it is a conglomeration of both, a present perspective through the movement of past futural. The dialectical image transforms the present time, which is an ad-hoc conglomeration, from ‘for-itself’ into past futural ‘in-itself’. The space around which this spirit of past rekindles itself, turns connotative. It is for the species being, history reawakened.  Life ridiculed to the call from present to past and future. The connotative space mocks the ground of capital, reworked through the spirits of historical ‘in-itself’ being. It is the anger of self, which simultaneously calls for not forgetting the past appearances of movemental dimension yet, ridicules the same. It is the anger of species being, self which ridicules history to shambles. The past futural’s ‘in-itself’ presence locomotises the species being. Thus is the call for international.  Beyond the galaxies of cosmic boredom lies the day to day labour withheld by the voices of capital.   

Jeet Bhattacharya
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