Insoluble Disassociation

Thing gets corrugated in shit hole empire of Area Studies. Studies regime sustains itself through allergic relation to its objectal references. Time gets its span not as history, but, history as a time gap zone of writing allergic relation to selfhood. Thus the regimatic formation of Studies, willy nilly with the dogmatic assertion of selfhood trauma. All settles in US, while US throws some bunch of bananas for monkey habitat.  History for them is the self interested zone of National and local, which percolates in Western hegemonies think tank’s assertion of Third worldism as National. While the Indo-Pak critique affirms only archive of different National forms, no word on critical object, the Allegory. Heroine chandler proves the gory of the other side. Boredom as the critical object for attaining the evental soliloquy, bypassing all hegemonies, from national bureaucracy to hegemonies of west. Right wing solves the problem by making history more towards civilisational ethos. On the horizon the dawn of selfhood, east or west. Histories time, for area studies expert is reduced to place, notwithstanding the spatial domain’s grasp of the soliloquy of otherhood. Insoluble idiots live and marry within same community. Selfhood jingo asserts, in form of passports from origin and yearly associated home country fest.  The sultry critique holds Biswarkarma puja of Bengali workers as proof of non-enlightenment in home soil. Yet, Heidegger, Lukacs and mainly Adorno and Horkheimer utters difference. Making fire from stone is already enlightenment, and praying before stone goddess or idol worship is religion and a certain form of enlightenment reasoning. Sultry critique admonishes west through indices of eastern soilhood. Western derivation is at the same time also eastern, at least since the days of early capitalism. British were not novice to bring in railways tracks in Indian soil; it helped the budding capitalist industrialism. Marx on India seems to be more than accurate. Railway tracks and other industrial adages made Europe and Far East in the sameness of homogenized time of zonal ecrits. How can one explain in late Nineteenth century ‘Kamala Kanter Doptor’or ‘Hutom Pechar Naksha’? Area Studies makes its business by appealing to Western soliloquies of guilt towards the South. Modernism existed throughout the world in and around same time, across the universe. But, the Area Studies lives on like lampooning heresy of theoretical knowledge. 

Jeet Bhattacharya
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