Immanently Singular and Singular Universal

Literary underscores the singular representation of facts. Facts are inside out within the book. The facts are tutelage to the underscoring of visual pictorials. Facts are dependent on the immanence of platform namely the book. The book’s space is in spatial domain denotative of single being ‘for-itself’. While the book opens up vistas of connotative spaces. It turns the inside object of the literary in terms of connotative spaces. It is the fallacy of literature, which turns the book into being ‘in-itself’. Books spatiality is oblivious to the spatial connotation inside the wholehearted story or facts. The literary books are torn between this being ‘for-itself’ and being ‘in-itself’. Its wholesomeness gathers the numera of singularity of immanence. The being ‘for-itself’ of spatial domain and being ‘in-itself’ of inside ingredients are in spirit torn between one another. Spatiality think tanks the Oxbridge. While the inside Immanence thinks the utterances available to the forms, from outside in. It is a tripartite Immanence, with being ‘for-itself’ of spatial domain, being ‘in-itself’ of inside and the transcendence of both for a singularity stricken immanence. All literatures are immanently singular.

While in Philosophy the singularity is woven through the guilt stricken soul’s translation of immanent world for objectively universal terms. The Philosophy book has a double venture. The outside space of the book is denotative while the inside space is also denotative, but the immanence of the topic is connotative. It is the play of four differential coefficient. The first being the spatial domain of the book, thence comes the denotative inside and duality between the form or style and the coefficient of truth terminology. It is translation of singular experience or knowledge into direct universal. There is no mediation of objective fatcs. The singular facts of truth claim are acknowledged through universalization. Philosophy concerns selfhood, the non-movemental space of being- in -‘for-itself’. It is timeized through the solipsism of being-‘in-itself’s zoning of otherized being ‘for-itself’. It gains truth through this timeized movement of translated spaces. It deals in singularity of the universals. Philosophy is singular universal. Nothings strike the immanence of drug addict or lonely poets, not for the excellence of Philosophy.

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