Bypassed Suffering

Self nurtures the non-movemental being with for –the-self.  Self situates itself in admonishing its forcefully stationed conglomeration. Life march passes it. Codeine inebriation!  Looking the Buddha looks.  Full –baked cogital interfaces.  Substances substantiates being ‘in-itself’, raised to the nether world of objectal otherhood principia.  Chief occurrence being stationary self-possessed octopus gallery show of lookout for genus species Dasein. Out there as meselfhood. Admonishing the Truffaut like humanism of arty looking out for other self.  He is me. Me the crevasse with the space outside, meself in half hearted cogito. Deep down my mouth hole words appear and forgotten.  I reckoned the self possessed life like rhythm for the mouth trip, immanent crevasse hole.  Heart throb jokery of Sam’s initiative, I as not me.  Redundant cogito. Tripping with the holidays, nowhere to go but to watch meself. How in recluse body transpires itself in its limit being of stationary solved fast food.  Holy lookers outside my body-selfing , being not, with theyself. The gap between me and my timespace is increased to infinity, yet, the mouth hole utters jingo self hood. The mouth hole’s ration turns seminal with the crevasse of me and my timespace. They are in ratio.  To be is not to be, for the self is in perfect sync with its own extension, the Dasienhood of object spaces. The labyrinth or innumerable doors. Pigeon rat hole occurs as paranoia strikes. Petty Joker in me looked for cold storage.  I pulled the trigger and walked past few steps. Many me go through the spring door, me, me and me. Past collides the future, yet future is already here and own.  Drank through one more stickered cough object.  Rough itching down the throat.  I admonished all her and him, waiting for thyself. But before her, the galaxy got stranded with millions of body-object gone through the million particles of airy substances, timeized zonal movements of ephemeral wavering.  She loved me more than herself. My selfhood got truncated, being with for the extension of selfified othersome. Sam proposed Not-I. She proposed me.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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