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Being circumcises its “In-itself”, in becoming “for-itself” through the man marked street. Each corrugates to other, bringing in mind the decadence   of late Nineteenth century. Flaneuer and dandy are both fallout of boredom. But, the flaneuer is embedded in his wanderings. He dissuades boredom through his lost paths. On the other hand, the dandy acts, he invites alienation. The dandy is lost in his recognition. Dandy is a prior embarking of political economy while the flaneuer dis-interestingly   aestheticize the loopholes of his wanderings. The street reckons him. He is for the other of street’s ghostly phantasmagoria. His is a lost inertia through street hopping. He rebuilds the city’s term in his own aestheticized imagination. Lost for the beaten track, he encompasses the Dinosaur city light. His ‘’for-itself’’ utterance loses its medium of existence through the penetrative journey, which the city enamours its” for-itself” angst. Self corrugates the inertia of the flaneuer. Flaneuer sustains itself through redrawing the by-passers lanes and by lanes. Through these drawings and further re-drawings the flaneuer tranquilises its “in-itself” occurrence. It is through the loopholes of one’s wanderings that one begets its transformatory self annihilating being. Being is occurred through the transformation of self into the otherized street characters loose talks and solo hieroglyphs. One’s decadence is uttered through the monetary selfhood, as money bothers the streethood. High flying troubadour march passes the gateway, while the flaneuer is disgusted. The solemnity is broken. Flaneuer, the hidden historian of individualism, his solitary writings and its very  ambitious signature, solemn rat hole, the street light, the vendors, all resemble the city life’s intoxicating hibernation. Loopholes of journeying is transformed into the local history of streets and the solo one hand street hoppers psychologised routine check up. His is the hidden history of one, in its oneness with many. The bifurcation with many brings in mind the street hoppers last resort, the uncanny phantasms of bare street. The journey reschedules. Morphine tropes release the transparency. Singularity sustains through the breakage of ringhood, made visible by the street gallery.

I am indebted towards Dr. Supriya Choudhaury and Dr. Soumyabrata Chowdhuary for this article.

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