Human as made easy tropes of planetarium for its own dissolving into the sea of galaxy. Man bifurcates between human will and God’s disavowal for knowledge. Life admonishes the will to know yet man begets the understanding of planetarium. It is in ratio with human Sun. Life’s joker like empirical state dissolves in the hands of scientist philosophers. Man being the centrifugal force, raises the Sun from east to west. Human interventions! How do we know the objectal framing of planets? Through the social psychology of human sciences we get to know how object is there without us! Philosophies wholesomeness is in semblance with the great nil of inbetween planet spatiality. Life bemoans the distance and Gods will represent the not-knowing or deciphering the light year distances. Yet man discerns the light years. Human admonishes the humanness and is in a close transcendence with God. Life march past the familiarity of human kingdom and travels through space in inner belonging with God’s omnipresent salute. In a Godly glance, man deciphers the ways of universe. The sound of big hole might not be an accident, as human is born from the grand design of the universe spirit. But the imperfections as God’s fallenness. How human is that? Human species as ‘not-yet’ being. Does it must represent the teleological technological hibernation blood and plasmatic spirit? The questions are afloat. Only science and religion bifurcates between this zone of human and non-human spirit affirmations holy syndrome of God’s life and death. Earth is still agog with war, famine and death. On the other hand, human is capable of heroism. One affirms negative theological speech onto this strange co-incidence where we can not fathom God nor can we ratioize the millions and millions of light travel through spaces. Only in a situation of morphine hallucination, one can ratioize the crevasse between 4th dimension of time, body-matter,with the spaces of millions of light years distance with other worldly planetarium. Body’s extension is so full with spaces where it is situated; it begets a ration relation with planetary distances. It is the state of God’s appearance in human non-knowledge sense pervading, non-working circularity. Human prevails, through its own godliness. One pertains a thing like positive theological affirmative.

I am thankful towards Gayatri C. Spivak for her views on the issue.

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