Various essays look in forth. Who’s who of Romeo hunting. Life admonishes the joker like syndrome of chasing Cinderella. I reckoned the men with solemn calypso. I thought of singing the tryst. One hundred kilometre north point from the city. Boredom rain and fallout of drainage system. Deeply penetrative story about Gods missing. It calls forth for the terroristic interventions in School. We packaged a few bombs out of our galleon. It was during a cricket match. Being with for the other, hurling of packaged decisions. Head master calls forth. Pain of angular rain and decision of suspension. Shubho , being his son, declared about the suspension order. Mama was held for the injuries. But was saved as he was given warning. Being with for the self as otherized zone of decision making. Who’s who of Hatarpar knew my name as I was the second man in hero making and hurling of bombs. Jack and Budha were also present. Joydip too was there. Som’s team knew my name now. I became a “mandowali” kingpin. Terroristic interventions were brought to table by me. I became the who’s who of Romeo nurturing. As I had no other Cinderella, I became the bypassers sole umlaut of indecisions and “mandowali” making. The solemn negotiator of many “bawals”. My room was open for the terrors of pistols and bombs and knife like kukris, that was only possible to make the terror look like made easy game, knocked  at our door often, to smell of prejudice look similar with know how’s of English merry making. Some looked at someone’s sister’s crass course, I threatened him. No vice versa was possible, as I was not a looker. Why this idiocy of gaining height through solving problems with a terroristic disposition. We learned the Pakistan. Their flag looked better. It had some political inclinations together with cricket dissolving highs. Now as if we were great anti-national, barely in class nine looked for opium den and long resolved “bawals”. Will the nation call us for solving the great India Pakistan game? To to company of who’s who making.

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