Break through

Admonishers are welcome to think through the life ad-hocing school selfhood of hundred kilometres north point from the city. Life reckons the beneficiary of being a school guy. Tierra Del Fuego lips were far away from the school childs imagining of Gestapo as the complete other of nuance ridden Zionist political. Problem both ways, yet for a sailor of Portuguese origin, the school lawn played the life of Magellan. School building being the French arson gallery, was surrounded by nativity syndrome of calypso singers holding of flower bed, outside our arena of purview. Who’s who of admonishers, Shubho talked about Pablo Escobar, the nativity hero. We settled for being heroine smugglers. Barely in class nine, we bunked school for merry making with Bollywood and Hollywood. Teachers rang the bell and we learnt about the Punk. Tripping with Joan Baez’s Billy Rose, we thought about Pakistan and Bangladesh. Bangladesh being close to homeland, never caught out collective imagination for playing truant from the present. Joydip’s precision was never looked for as Romeo authorship. He had his guy. I stood like Feuerbach, at his Marx like skills in solving the great irritating maths puzzle. Satyajit was the critique of all souls club, the men in love. Yet, he too fell for another. For me, it was like a troubadour playing the original tune from the meadows of mid-western town. I played the hero in captivity, in a small town north of Calcutta. All the boring rain and drainage fallout. Who was there to think alike? No one presumably, as I thought about the Vietnamese charging the US. America was a ghost land with its package full of Exorcist and Evil Deads. The Californian full moon always reminded me of adventures in ghostly land of United States. Even the nicest of looking Hollywood heroine couldn’t have pursued me of going to US. I would be myself admonished among the ghostly turd.But now I think; I can cope with the ghosts from anywhere. Do I need a base city in Jerusalem or London to face the Ghostly origins of US or Somalia? I have my Tierra Del Fuego to face the Ghostly originary.

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