Foucault online roundtable (videos)

November 9, 2019, with Silvio Carneiro, Sameer Chaturvedi, Krishna Kumar, and Jeremiah Morelock.

Video 1/4:

  • Silvio Carneiro – “Foucault as a Critical Theorist?”

Video 2/4:

  • Sameer Chaturvedi – presentation
  • Krishna Kumar – presentation

Video 3/4:

  • Discussion

Video 4/4:

  • Discussion

About the participants:

Prof. Dr. Silvio Carneiro is a scholar in the fields of Critical Theory, Contemporary Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, and Philosophy of Psychoanalysis. His PhD thesis is entitled “Power over Life: Marcuse and Biopolitics”. He is a professor at the Federal University of ABC (UFABC), in Brazil. He conducts his research work on Education as a member of the Rede Escola Pública e Universidade (Network for Public Schools and Universities) and of the DiEPEE/UFABC (Research Group on Education Rights, Educational Policies, and Schools). His work as a member of the International Herbert Marcuse Society has, as its focus, Critical Theory, Education, Psychoanalysis, and Politics. He is the coordinator of the Brazilian segment of international project Extimacies: Critical Theory from the Global South, in the context of which he inquires into the dialectics of violence, with a particular emphasis on the dual role of violence as a significant component in both revolutionary emancipation and totalitarian Terror. Some of his papers can be found at

Jeremiah Morelock

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