Things appear to us in its strangeness. Objects confer to its body, as it occurs in our field of perception. This occurring is a phenomenon, whose nodal curvature we delineate from the whole body. Nodal curves prescribe the decaying reduction. The reduced phenomenon gets originary. It is setting of originary which transcribes the phenomena as a whole. The nodal curvature is part of the whole phenomena. In this, as it is stays. Phenomena appear as if it is as it is. It is the description of the process which proves the phenomenal as it is as wrong. The phenomena changes through its description of as it are. Phenomena hold the scribe of nodal moments. Nodal moments are written for going back to the originary phenomena. Getting back is what the scribe tells forth. The ending procedure is induction, as the reduced objectal references intermingle with the wholesome phenomena. Originary notation is an inducted being of higher plane. At the end, the modal operation is in a one to one correspondence with nodal writing.  The nodal exegesis is at par with the modal signification. Nodal is the signified. Being corresponds to the modal exegesis of intricacies. These intricacies get nodal extinguishing of the modal operation. Life begets the fallenness. It is a reduction of being in process. Being is reduced to its other half, ‘for-itself’ as a large yet, reduced deduction of being ‘in-itself’. It is an imminently immanent process. Who’s who of nodal intricacies admonish the phenomena. The phenomenon is reduced partially. This partiality is the nodal moment of eruption. At end nodal moments gets the arche of modal operation. New nodal writing gets immanently started up, as the earlier nodal turns into modal exigent. This is a process where at the end induction starts. It is nodal moments back to originary, as being ‘for-itself’ gets new ‘in-itself’ utterance. The inducted being is of higher plane. This being is ‘in-itself’, which follows the same earlier reduction materiality. It is a immanent process, through which being’s begets fallenness, yet, in the end utters the new jovial ‘in-itself’ immateriality. Despite the density is lessened as in wholesome being, the new ‘in-itself’ being is a congealed dense utterance of newness. Life is struck by the fullness.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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