Me getting lost in the sea? Unaccountable sincerity for elliptical nervous system , when and how of mankind! Philosophy opened the galaxy. Object out there is visible to the core of my ear sensitivity. Without me, it is also there. Laying upperfold inbetween. Philosophy offers a glimpse of this object. Human whole or, Philosophies whole? Philosophies whole encapsulates the humansome. Partial objects sponsor nothing, with it getting lost in the horizontal sea. Me bear the Camus face. Offning with argumentative patterns. Life in its wholesomeness bears the semblance, spatial denotation of offningsome. I rejoice the imminence. Philosophies part, the human anecdote. Life soils to erupt in vicinity. The marketplace. Well off needys greed for hunger and side tracked thumb blues. I like too much to hypostatize the potato latching the male gaze. My stomach was bellyful, I looked for wise. Wise man’s den was the underworld, not the shit hole abyss of universities calmsome revel. Beckett looked for the loopholes, me too gladly. Whitewashed evening under street red light zone. Looking for easy pack of chasing hole. Singular universal returns with its many visages of flash light Messianic. Many as being subtracted to one. One is subtraction and then again wholesome. Number number everywhere. Theologian in me calculated the crevasse as non. Yet, it is delineated by partsome whole. The other of philosophies wholesomeness. These evenings are so nice. It reminds me of north point. The coming eventual. No more a bypasser, but looking for the platitude of Southern sea. My foot strap is sold for her. I remembered our first romantics. She knew me million years back! Her novelistic tropes. Immanently singular strikes the cord, human love enamoured in totality. In oft dreams I hath her by the sea. Life admonishes the local opera of Phenyl Empire of shit hole rabbit! Who is where I don’t know at the moment, but they seem as Oneness. Second Republicans agreed with me. Rather the object is the other of human. Getting lost in the sea is saved by seafarer’s navigation.  


Philosophies tranquillity doesn’t solve the problem. To think is to Philosophise. How man gets hold to it is another thing. Man thinks the part through whole. Philosophy is the whole, which reprimands the thinking mind. Man is a part to it. Philosophy reckons the object, even when man is absent. Object is out there, without the intervention of man. Whose perspective is Philosophy? Is it man’s or something else ? Who sets the primal scene? God’s will or the dark zone of abyss namely the black hole? The big bang or the sound, which accompanied it? According  to Jewish thought , it is God’s will which made the universe and earth. Due to the primal theme of jealousy in human, the heavenly abode of earth was transformed in earth same. Philosophies tranquillity is the seeking of knowledge. It seeks grand, through discursive whole, accompanied with it, the part. Man is a part to philosophies whole. In this context, man is not at the driver’s seat. Philosophy accompanies the whole, the objectal references as part. Philosophy ratioizes the objectal references with human abode. They are brought in the same paradigm. Life likes to play the miniature part to galaxial part of trillions of light years. History of Philosophy ratioizes the time span. According to Hindu Messianicity, the primal matter was sound ‘in-itself’. ‘OM’, was the beginning. The primal visage before the worlding of the earth. It is located in the abyss of trillions of light years timeized zone. Gita sings the none of man’s world. Since the beginning, the abyss accompanied mankind. Whose perspective is Philosophy then? It is the primal and primary, black hole, which thinks the philosophy, doctrine as theological treatise. Greeks were scornful of religion. Their paganism made thousand god, which Indic civilization followed. But always emerges the One, the ‘atman’ or ‘atma’, or ‘self’. Whose self ? The self of primal black hole like abyss. Monotheism pertains in polytheistic religion. The thinker is nowhere to be seen. It is the beyond scar of eventual humansome worldliness. But, life strives for it.

I am indebted to Supriya Chowdhoury and SIbaji Bandhopadhay.


Philosophies sign provides for the whole. Philosophy admonishes the human by providing the wholesome by itself. Human becomes mere part to it. Since beginning, who thought the end of man in in- it-self? It is the ultra-human thinker. In beginning there was the sound, which created the big abysmal whole. Space got shrinked in it through sound waves. Which of them is the originary? Does the space itself move, to make the starting sign a semblance or, the space stays in the same place, and the sound particle moves, to make the beginning a repetition? According to today’s science, the space shrinks which made the universe. But for theology, the space moves and doesn’t move, at the same place. So, it is both repetition and semblance. The sound wave moves, and the space shrinks. So the density of sound waves increases, because the space is as it is. So, it is the sound particle which makes the universe. The originary word of Hinduism is ‘OM’. It might occur, the originary word was not ‘OM’, but ‘SOM’, where due to repetition in space scape of sound, the ‘S’ is worn out from the originary sound, ‘SOM’. ‘SOM’ means the drinking substance. The third instinct of mankind. It is one of the primal sins. Its number is third. To a thinking person, it is the unknowing. Man’s will for paradise and God’s non-forgiving attitude. God’s oblivion in selves of spatiality. The beginning is repetition, where the space is the originary. The space as originary, delineates the sound. Soundscapes emerge through it. Space as originary matter, shrinks and dilutes the sound. Due to shrinking of space, it is a semblance driven towards backwards. Yet, the sound goes forward. This simultaneous forward and backward movement is scorns of Messianicity. Time delineates both the movements. On the other hand, as the word ‘SOM’ refers to the third instincts of mankind, the intoxicating substance, the tripartite of third, stands for the holy trinity, which is the complete other of Third instinct. Which was the beginning? The sound or space? It is generally held that space is the beginning. Sound is created through space. But simultaneously, the sound creates space. Philosophies wholesomeness relates to spatial configuration of sound. The ‘OM’, the forgetting of simultaneity and the forward march of humankind, however minuscule it might be, before the darkness of trillions of light years.

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