Tripping Alleys

Who brings the foil? Body’s dissymmetric mirror. One froth of liquor. Otherized zone is not embarked.  Other debunking mythical chasing hole. Black out symptom. No more playing sailors, as we are seated inside. Me and my body whole increases. Crevasse par excellence. Join the strip. Paranoia stricken, I forgot the sailor. Bena out for a walk. Me thought of elliptical curve, adieu nation. Some paisa left. Stoned to the corridor, I thought of coming of after-life. It is a disjointed Tennessee pizza hut. She loves it. I don’t. Bena put forth some new points. The paperboy brings more! Time’s redundancy thinks through spatial congealment. Space conjured up through bodylink’s evocative agent. I loved the state. One more merry go round chase for the future. Sudden breakage. I thought of bombardment in US. Omnipresence of solitude is bypassed through crash elliptical nervous thinking. Me the unresolved Messiah. Bena the toddler. His ghastly write ups. His immersion in politics. I re-think the political, while space surprises through its shrinking. Body’s immersion is put forth as a whole. No space beyond. Fate resists in first place. Future is in a lineage with past. Rather future is negotiated through past. Loving domain of being. He make the sultry poet. Nietzschean streak. Who’s who dissolve in this moment. No parental guidance. I thought of base town in London. What a great ethos, three million ruling thirty. Not in Europe yet awestricken by its dissolving into the calamities. God may help. What great narco-drooping. Modern civilization. African’s thought better. Fought to thyself. Africa showed the way of world war to Europe. What ghostly US! Bena loved the ghostly ways. I too was immersed. Unfathomable Bengali boredom erupts. Who’s who are local dailies! What a great achievement of Benglish! Bihar showed the right way. South American banjo dance. US got the coolness and sudden eruption from them. I got the spatial demarcation from the junk. Indian domains hit the curve. Yet, they only have Mohenjodaro in their luck. Egypt was haphazard! The great Israeli think tank illusion. Such a penny like country, what resolve. Retailer elliptical South should send me my baggage and few donations. Bena got excited and left the scene. Me sits with crevasse. Now the moon, now the light! Are they beyond human civilization? Who thinks them now? Me or my ghostly apparition? Human beknowest all, sans  boundaries.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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