Everyday Ontology

Ontical is the necessity. Nature abounds in everyday. It is habit. Ten thousands year old nature’s negation of elliptical curve. Shrill sound of thunder. My windowpane not resolved in nothing. I seek. Post-deconstructive meta distils the thunder as life form. Life’s negation of eliipsis as formation of second status, habit. My cogito points to the habit as distilling arbitrary. Habit nurtures self as dislocated otherized species. Being resonates. My countrymen’s thousand year of boredom retaliates. Drudgery  of selfdom is negotiated as feelings of courtesy. It is the transcendental other. Habit is boring. It does not translates itself as transcendental being. Being with for the other is governmental project, for the upwardly mobile. Save me from Mother Teresa. Negro streets of dawn is a codeine epithet. Chemicals are not so substance as it is materiality. Rhetoric of drug is painful. It dominates hunger into particle being, not always nothing, yet, no saying. Perspectives of beggar alumni. Police van trumps. Food is available inbetween jail rods. Habit is easy here. Sado-Maschochism reigns in superlative. No cogital interference. Cogito begets self as otherized. It is the helping hand. I got my second chance. Not like Monsieur Camus. He who dominates me, dominates himself through the habit of breaking solace. It is government in personal sense. Decays of thousand year old boredom habit. Stasis is broken as other mongering. Other dominates self. Being resonates with other. It is no habit, nature in its supreme. Histories evetality. Oneness of history and nature. The queen sent me some cakes. It is my personal galore. My victory symbol in the capital. I found some teachers. Being helping. I found a pick-pocket. That is me. I stole my mother’s ring, thanks to the junkie alleys. That was the habit of heydays. Nature formed as unresolved other. But, decaying is resolute. Collective fate  of the Nazis. Gas chamber ethics is punctuated as democracy. My resolution is not well habituated. And we live.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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