History’s derision is time out of immanent present. It mocks permanence. Historical laws derive its fortitude out of impermanence. Singular event absconds the law. Singularity in history pertains to the event, built by the historical forces. Man’s immanent universe is taken back seat, as the event rides the motion. Very soon the event fades; we look backward, to single out the immanence of eventality. Theologian proceeds with numerical and assemblages, to curb out the coming of almighty. More than being with for the self. Time begets the nurturing of being timely. Men follow rules. Omnipresent time is held by anachronistic untimely meditation. Above human self looks for the other, the petty ones. Drugged soul in its flight from belief, lampoons the almighty. Life goes on in a Ceaser like artefact of scoring high points, being almighty. But history doesn’t change in its decontextualized airy zones of non-living. Here is sameness. Singularity becomes the universality of sameness. As matter is divisible in molecule and particle, the particle’s area is less, but due to its area is less, the density increases. It is like a single fact of history, yet; the fact itself is a law. Singular event becomes the law. Decrease of area and increase of density is like the positive and negative co-ordinates of graphic representation. It reminiscences the back and forth movement of history. Spaces are delineated through time. Is it possible to write a history of time without space? Spaces are everywhere. Even the airy zones are zones over certain spatiality. Spatiality as a force withholds time. There are forces within history, like time, which is homogeneous. So, the force inside history is status quo, while the force outside history, which tramples the wholesomeness of it, is messianic. Inside forces of history is repetition, as the time of history is status quo ridden. Force outside history is semblance. To conclude, generally, perspective is futural, while history is past. So, perspective and history are two arrows in different direction. The space inbetween perspective and history gets force from both direction and the density of the space within is increased. Thus is perspective in history, which conjures a space with certainty. We glimpse history through it.   

Jeet Bhattacharya
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