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Anachronism and Detourment

Presencing of time is non-affirmative of its other. Present and past are enmeshed together. The otherized locales of past comes down to present in its full connotation. Past is in residue, locales of present are aghast with it. They are not always in sync. This makes modernity more modern. It is what we call anachrony. Anachrony decenters the past and present alike. They do not make a whole. It is memory, the plenitude of childhood shared in present adult times. Anachrony dismantles the past, slowly residual. Because it is in present. It is short cut to past memoria. It nurtures the present yet, tries to outlive it. It is pastice, as the past markers or traces belongs in present. That  particular moment of presencing of past  in present, is wholesome. It is comic in spirit. Junkie‚Äôs abandoning in aloofment, destabilizes the memory trope of anachrony. Comic resides in the fever of codeine in-action. Laughing stock eases the memory trope of not-at-home in the present. Yet, the paranoia strikes the presencing of time-gap zones writing of time, framed in time. Memory distils the anachrony. The condition of past-time present. It is not in our hand.

I stride the horse backward. It is my own perturbed dislocational logic of dis-interested show off. Detouring of the ways. I glance the after-ward. I remake it by mixing it with longer ways of past. As if I am aloof about my way, which goes backward. The journey forestalls to start again. I am happy. The race will be won by walking slowly. I reformulate my axiom. I project the syndrome of past references. I am not in present. Basically, the present goes backward, pastly thoughts. It is close to nostalgia. The present is at-home in past, yet, it cannot be a wholesome, for it is my detraction.Yet, due to present goes to past, to a certain extent, in a certain conjectural point, detourment is wholesome. It is conscious choice. A situation per se. It is close to the spirit of humour. I play the humorous persona to out-live the present for past. It is the active junkie trope, or of the lost soul in love. Myth corresponds to it. Mythic figure of the magician or the iconoclast. Tour ends the gallery accolades. The time of detourment feeds into boredom.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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