Beneath lies the Tory self of marginal echoes of hundred kilometre north point from the city. Ravaged radicalism finds its own short cut. I succumbed to it during 90’s. While on the other part of the globe, Frankfurt am Main. Some silly mistakes can get someone killed. “Khorcha” (Spent)! Janus face of life healing mechanism, one being sailor, while the other being Mastan, the don. Solipsism begun with the out growing of street. Bitter rain will get oneself stationed in house. Street was our canvas. Hoodlum in us reigned together with the fear of getting nabbed by the opposite group. In school there was inter-class rivalry. We threatened a senior. Life reckon past the guilt. The solo archivist in me thinks of past as semblance of inside out of the position that is present to me and myself. The guiltless eucalyptus from the tropics, I wish to show her. Kolkata is rather straight jacketed. Second republicans, more agile Lin Piaoist and 23 rd Pally hooliganship. Young Mr. R and Rakesh. Jovial, objective analytical Sambit. He was afraid of goons. To pass on the truth, I too was not very brave. Certain Lin followers planned some action, Kankurgachi Rail Cabin! I missed it. State within state is a laughing anecdote of structuralism. Thanks to Proudhon and Gustav Landeur. Beneath this systemic operation of think tankhood, lies paranoia. In schizophrenia, I join various spaces in a unipolar timeself. While the historicality of paranoia joins different time in a same space. Kolkata becomes the Dewani, Bahadur Shah Zafar, the English practicality or the Bhramin esoteric. I owe some moments in Delhi. The theological infringement came as a welcome move. Gita and Hadish were smuggled through the fissures of modern Nation whole. Local and global are juxtaposed. While the international becomes more pronounced through the Anthropomorphic sounds from the root, soil. Deep beneath the root of localized zonal ecrature, the immanent stateless international!

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