Time’s immanent spacing. In waiting, time becomes hollowed out in space. Time’s curvature is futural. It denotes messianicity, time as hollowed up sequel to past longing. In waiting, time is immersive. Immersive in hollowed up spatial denotation. Space means nothing. Yet, for a while, when we think, spaces conjure up in a connotative sense. Waiting is dogs day afternoon. Both time and space is hollowed to each other. Time’s immersion is framed within itself. Boredom wins. Time within time is the precursor of waiting. Waiting dethrones itself, as time and space becomes more than what it actually is.As in the beginning, time and space are hollowed up in-itself, due to the fact of this hollowness, the ‘nothing’ emerges. This nothing becomes more than itself. Both time and space is now bigger than its own self. One is delighted to think through the heaven like immersion in psychotropic substances. One sees the future. Hands and limbs move slowly. Life reckon past the truth of waiting. Substance is charged high. Time within time can be seen through spaces, as space is conjured in time. Time’s elliptical nerve gas chamber is additive of this boredom experience. In this ways of experiencing boredom, while in wait, body-links itself as a part of spatial domain. Body’s three dimensionality scorns itself. Time lapses through body, the non-spirited whole. Body is time, for a moment. It inches back to itself. Body is machine, the victory realm of futurism. Locomotive expresshood now. We lit a smoke. Body syndrome collapses in waiting. Fifth dimension of time, the ‘thought-matter’ succumbs the body. Body is linked through in future. Yet, future doesn’t arrive. We resort to all sorts of games. Fingering the dark knob, the silly technology. Rain drops a few. We see through it. Boredom awaits the hunger. Body’s three dimensionality is lost, and we are drainaged through the washable time-space conjuring juvenile time killing sport. In waiting the mental scape changes, and sudden boredom erupts the evental of life’s space-time domain.

Jeet Bhattacharya
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