Frequently Asked Questions

You should expect your submission to be posted within 24-48 hours.

All blog submissions will be accepted and posted, provided they do not contain hate speech, and are not clearly outside of the general theme of the research network – cupcake recipes or reviews of sporting equipment, for example, are unlikely to be accepted. Posts can be in any language.


To have your post proofread quickly by computer, click on the icon that says “ABC” above a check mark in the text editor for your blog entry. This icon is in the top bar of the “Visual” text editor. When you are done, click the blue box that says “Submit for Review.” If you would like further proofreading help (specifically with English syntax or semantics), do not hesitate to ask. submit a contact form in addition to submitting your post. Explain your request in the contact form. Blog posts can be in any language.


Upload your files and instructions here.

You must be a member of the research network as well as have a User account for the blogging community. If you are logged into your User account, you can enter comments and submit them for review like normal.

*If you have joined the research network and you have registered a User account for the blogging community here, you may comment on and submit blog posts.

Hover on the black bar at the top of the screen where it says “+ New” and then click where it says “Post.” You will be directed to a blank post. When you are done, click the blue box that says “Submit for Review.”

Because we want one.

The FAQ is very new. It will be added to, but in the meantime, ask any other questions here:

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