Being on its own, begets forgetting account. The transversal of being erupts as soul seeking search at the end of the parchment. Heroine transverses its own self. Who’s who of the area, 23rd lane and Young Mr. R. We were held atop. Life’s reckoning past the obsolete grain against the flow, though we were not … Read more

Junkie’s Smell

The lane was sordid enough to call forth the untidy peddlers. Bulganin was his combo name. It appeared to us as the Soviet impoverished canon of Heroine dealings. Prolong was our desire, to erupt thence around the Bhadroloki impetus building. Niceties were the Cadbury to make the Heroine bitterness obsolete. Being succumbs to itself, in … Read more

Break Out

It was a kind of ecstasy. Being the pinch hitter in group of sultry hoodlums. My man was Som and the little crook Sujit. Who’s who of canned lumpency of Hatarpara, just opposite of our school, red and gray, which most of the time represented French arson gallery.  All the paras or areas were for … Read more

Immanently Singular and Singular Universal

Literary underscores the singular representation of facts. Facts are inside out within the book. The facts are tutelage to the underscoring of visual pictorials. Facts are dependent on the immanence of platform namely the book. The book’s space is in spatial domain denotative of single being ‘for-itself’. While the book opens up vistas of connotative … Read more


End of solipsism and its subsequent rings. The sea tones in the beginning enarmours the vigilant. White supremacist think tank ellipsis travels through jingle beats. The story ends and begins again. Time to time the beginning haunts the calypso conscience, for they are the white man’s circularity. The story follows linearity yet, circularity is oblivious … Read more

Insoluble Disassociation

Thing gets corrugated in shit hole empire of Area Studies. Studies regime sustains itself through allergic relation to its objectal references. Time gets its span not as history, but, history as a time gap zone of writing allergic relation to selfhood. Thus the regimatic formation of Studies, willy nilly with the dogmatic assertion of selfhood … Read more

Soulful Bliss

Bena bought the stuff. I too was eager. Who’s who of Codeine inebriation. In my ad-hocship with the medicine, I started to see myself outside of me. Certain topsy-turvy inbetweenness prevailed. Me being inbetween of selfhood and the otherized petrified objectal references. Bena started the regime of planned action- roaming about on the street. I … Read more

Small town as ‘Inbetween’

Jack played the truism of teenage, being a poet. His slurry ad-hocship as a poet singled out no more than a mere ideal. Hundred kilometres north to the city of Kolkata. In touch with ways, village and city. Its contact zone being the liminal out goes of citizenship. City never existed as a pure ‘in-itself’ … Read more


With all its imperfections, the town’s end looked like George Lukacs’ Eminem performance. That doesn’t imply the town was in sync with its own order. Life in its imbecility portrayed the slurry comic side of moral policy stricken social democracy.  Dhoti clad revolutionary, with its con humdrum of Area Studies, stupid whereabouts of Archival patience. … Read more

Voices of Capital

Marx’s time of capital is being ‘in-itself’, it is polished through movemental experience as being ‘for-itself’. In this scenario the factory space is denotative, which uplifts the workers experience in ‘for-itself’ being, in context to other hostile sections of society.  Through movement the space of factory turns connotative of the anger of proletariat, as the … Read more