#TheoryRevolt: Theses on Theory and History

#TheoryRevolt Theses on Theory and History by Wild On Collective (Ethan Kleinberg, Joan Wallach Scott, and Gary Wilder) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. The original posting from May 2018 is at theoryrevolt.com. You can down load a pamphlet-ready pdf copy here.   PROLOGUE: DEDICATED TO CLIO, MUSE OF HISTORY Sing Clio, daughter … Read more

Political and Educational Attitudes Survey

Complete this short survey on political and educational attitudes in the United States to enter a raffle for 1 of 4 free books. Please help by filling it out and sharing it with others. Create your own user feedback survey

Authoritarian Populism contra Bildung: Anti-Intellectualism and the Neoliberal Assault on the Liberal Arts

The following regards my recent article from Cadernos CIMEAC – v. 7. n. 2, 2017. Abstract A synergistic movement is taking place in American society combining authoritarian populism, the neoliberal transformation of the university, and anti-intellectualism. In the first part of this paper, I pin my notion of intellectualism (and hence anti-intellectualism) to a specific frame … Read more

Call for Papers – Summer 2017 in Slovenia – (Global Center for Advanced Studies)

A notice from David Steinrueck:

The submission form for our summer 2017 conference and institute is now up – Practicing Intellectual Resistance: Anomalies, Aberrations, and Open Futures. We have 25+ confirmed speakers and workshop leaders coming together to figure out how to best enact and perform theory in the world today. We welcome you to submit an abstract and we appreciate any way you are able to help get the word out. The full conference and institute is only 200 Euros following our mission of opening up education for all (4 courses, 2 day conference, 2 week institute).

Link to page for submissions:



David Steinrueck
Director of Operations, Global Center for Advanced Studies

The Practicing Intellectual Resistance conference aims to open up plural spaces in which our common human experience is affirmed as a mode of resistance. Our goal is to actively work towards the creation of a new commons that highlights difference, aberration, and paradox in both theoretical and practical terms. This vision is becoming more important than ever in the wake of our current global context in which we are increasingly witnessing political isolation, anti-intellectualism, homogenization, and economic prioritization. We find that the most pressing questions confronting us today have to do precisely with the creation of new spaces and organizations in which new forms of life can be imagined, conceived and developed. Our vision is to do philosophy; to practice and create concepts and to live in common together again. We welcome you to present a paper; please submit an abstract that addresses the topic of anomalous zones of resistance. We are looking specifically to explore alternative epistemologies, ontologies, communities, identities, and modes of being that go against the grain of the current neoliberal paradigm. The topic, in this way, is intentionally vague to invite submissions that surprise us; that stand outside the current academic disciplines and challenge us to think and explore in extraordinary ways together.

GCAS is a not-for-profit graduate school bridging theory and action. Through a focus on creativity, nomadicity, and collaboration, we are building a new model for the humanities that enables researchers to practice knowledge in real-time and develop solutions to social, ecological, and economic challenges around the world. In partnership with AMEU in Europe, GCAS is providing the highest quality accredited master (MA) and doctoral (PhD) degrees in the interdisciplinary humanities for a fraction of the tuition costs currently being charged in the US.

Herbert Marcuse and the New Culture Wars: Campus Codes, Hate Speech, and the Critique of Pure Tolerance

“The contemporary movement that seeks to restrict liberty on campus arose specifically in the provocative work of the late Marxist political and social philosopher Herbert Marcuse . . .”  ―Alan Charles Kors and Harvey A. Silverglate In recent years highly publicized educational commentators, like David Horowitz (2006a, 2006b, 2000), and Alan Charles Kors and Harvey … Read more