Everyday Absences

The turgid zone of the city, fulfilled with absences. In totality, it is the hemispheric pressure which pulls the masses. They move on or drop by. Yet, the invincible absence. North stays far from south. One is absent from the others domain. North gives the dictum, south obeys with slyness. Every day is same for … Read more

Μάθε παιδί μου γράμματα: «Λόλα να ένα παγουρίνο».* Για την εταιρικοποίηση του νεοφιλελεύθερου σχολείου σήμερα

(Neoliberal education and the corporatization of schools in contemporary Greece) Γράφει η Βασιλική Παπαγεωργίου Εθνολόγος- Κοιν. Ανθρωπολόγος, Δρ In this article, I discuss the recent neoliberal turn in Greek education. In Greece it is the state that traditionally delivers education services directly and thus exercises ideological control over public schools, promoting certain values, cultural norms or worldviews. … Read more

3 New Writings

Once upon a time The place seems so obsolete now. During winter, no light on the street after 9 P.M. I was told not to venture out. Ghostly demarcating field. The fear of getting caught for a cigarette. Joydip’s triumph in getting busted with alcohol. He cared a fig. Momentary lapses, juvenile sporting of selfied … Read more


Time’s immanent spacing. In waiting, time becomes hollowed out in space. Time’s curvature is futural. It denotes messianicity, time as hollowed up sequel to past longing. In waiting, time is immersive. Immersive in hollowed up spatial denotation. Space means nothing. Yet, for a while, when we think, spaces conjure up in a connotative sense. Waiting … Read more