Jeet Bhattacharya

  • Jack played the truism of teenage, being a
    poet. His slurry ad-hocship as a poet singled out no more than a mere ideal.
    Hundred kilometres north to the city of Kolkata. In touch with ways, village
    and city. Its […]

  • With all its imperfections, the town’s end looked like George Lukacs’ Eminem performance. That doesn’t imply the town was in sync with its own order. Life in its imbecility portrayed the slurry comic side of mor […]

  • Marx’s time of capital is being ‘in-itself’, it is polished through movemental experience as being ‘for-itself’. In this scenario the factory space is denotative, which uplifts the workers experience in ‘for-itse […]

  • It was insignificant enough to pay heed to solitary finitude of the place. Barely ten feet by eight.  I could glimpse the Aurora Australis , for our eyes were droopy enough to persist the Heroine codification. […]

  • Objects confer to being in its wholesomeness. Epiphany strikes us, as partial objects carry the wholesomeness with it. It is by mere grace through which the objects causality is determined. As if it is by grace […]

  • Being ‘in-itself’ foretells the story of otherized capacity of present future. It is in its capacity of selfhood, that it partakes the journey of togetherness with the otherized self. The otherized self occ […]

  • Back street of school life was dubious enough to reach the penetrative ego journey of a Romeo, unchained. After twenty odd years, I realized, I was awestruck by her cut-up techniques. Love prospered inbetween. I […]

  • Life of north point is not so evanescent. It returns with the galore. How green was it? Nothing to pay heed, simplistically rustic.  Petrol bombs and chamber was the pinnacle of Texas like gay pride. Easy habit […]

  • In Heidegger, space is the primal distinguishing factor.  Circularity of space is lingered ‘through’ in time.  Time corresponds to space in all its circularity. It is a transposition of ‘sameness’ of space in […]

  • Oh boy, the rag picker ruined me.  Return me my money, for these are halogen tubes.  Immersed from before, I just asked to prolong.  Who is here penny less to buy me a forth?  I love not to be.  Look, the star […]

  • Down memory lane, things are always jumbled up with one another, as spaces play tribunal with time ‘for-itself’.  This impure time from past corrugates to perceive the present as something which is not- […]

  • Within the horizon of trivialities, life form also enamours itself with spirit of comic.   They lie beneath the topsy-turvies of idiocy that life itself reckons. In modern world, the presentation of comical c […]

  • The objects confer to bodies, delimiting the perceiving objects “out there”.  Object enters our consciousness as an extension of “meself”.  It is the fourth limit dimension or spatial time. Until this point t […]

  • How is it that we strike the full? It is our embarrassment that we know not how to distribute the consciousness to the object world around us? The grey matter of brain tells us that it is within and through the […]

  • Things to do often offer us with a glimpse of future time. After-life of works are “for-itself” presencing of time forward, yet with a tinge of past metaphoric spaces. Past is a negative limit extension of “in […]

  • Spaces journeys through its thorough stillness. It offers itself through its ad-hoc three dimensional pictoriality.  Pictoriality lands and shrinks its “for-itself” otherized selfhood into two-dimensional imag […]

  • Dungeon hills through ad-hock admiration. The big hole never succumbs to nothingness. The substances never forget to nullify the big hole, yet the hole creates through the airy holes, nothing is forgotten for […]

  • Oblivious by-passers lanes are forgiven of its hereness. Cunning shrewd topsy-turvy here and now are the ad-mixtures of what is to be done! Lofty ideals are born to be sold, at random hands of beggar’s lane.  Be […]

  • Days are
    over, those guileful days of senselessness. Torpedo days of the suburb. Hundred
    kilometres north point from the city. Southern Globality enamoured in petrol
    bomb. Someone throwing a love –letter to his b […]

  • If the
    subject is objectified, thence the process of objectification rules the
    subjecthood of in process objectification of the subject.  Then the co-ordinates of objectified subject
    are in relation of sameness […]

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