Authoritarianism and the Transnational Rise of Right-Wing Populism: Critical Theory and Sociological Scenarios

Click here to be taken to a link for a full audio recording (1 hour) of the the May 14, 2018 opening plenary of the conference 2nd Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies on Human Rights, Education and Dignity, coordinated by Dr. Maria Madalena Gracioli (University of Coimbra / São Paulo State University), at the School of Philosophy, Science and Letters in Ituverava, São Paulo, Brazil.

The talk was given by Felipe Ziotti Narita and myself (I was Skyped in). The talk is primarily in Portuguese, with the exception that when I speak it is in English before being translated into Portuguese by Felipe.

In Portuguese, our talk is titled “Autoritarismo e ascensão transnacional do populismo de direita: teoria crítica e cenários sociológicos”.

The content is about material from the upcoming book I am editing called Critical Theory and Authoritarian Populism; specifically my introduction on the history of the early Frankfurt School’s work on authoritarianism, prejudice and populism, and the chapter I co-authored with Felipe on putting Habermas together with Wallerstein in analyzing populisms in Latin American history. The book will be published by University of Westminster Press in the coming months as part of the Critical Digital and Social Media Studies book series edited by Christian Fuchs.


Jeremiah Morelock

Jeremiah Morelock

Jeremiah Morelock holds a Masters Degree in Sociology and teaches at Boston College. He is also the Director of the Critical Theory Research Network. His research focuses on political themes in biological horror and science fiction films. He is editor of Critical Theory and Authoritarian Populism (forthcoming in 2018, University of Westminster).
Jeremiah Morelock

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