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It was insignificant enough to pay heed to solitary finitude of the place. Barely ten feet by eight.  I could glimpse the Aurora Australis , for our eyes were droopy enough to persist the Heroine codification. Rakesh in his slurry slant, who else but targeted towards Laloo Seth. Rabin generally ignorant. Naresh singing. Me counting … Read more

Critical Theory and Southern Theory online roundtable (videos)

October 19, 2019, with Bruno Costa, Dalal Sarnou, Silvio Carneiro, and Jeremiah Morelock. Video 1/4: Jeremiah Morelock – brief introduction Bruno Costa – “Critical theory and critical consciousness: Paulo Freire´s philosophy in the global South” Video 2/4: Dalal Sarnou – A Bennabian View of Civilization: On the specificity of Islamic Civilization Silvio Carneiro – “How … Read more