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Critical Theory and Southern Theory online roundtable (videos)

October 19, 2019, with Bruno Costa, Dalal Sarnou, Silvio Carneiro, and Jeremiah Morelock. Video 1/4: Jeremiah Morelock – brief introduction Bruno Costa – “Critical theory and critical consciousness: Paulo Freire´s philosophy in the global South” Video 2/4: Dalal Sarnou – A Bennabian View of Civilization: On the specificity of Islamic Civilization Silvio Carneiro – “How … Read more

CFP – Decolonial and Critical Theory (Dissonancia: Critical Theory Journal)

Critical and decolonial theories have long been mutually suspicious of one another. On the one hand, and rightly so, decolonial theories highlight the Eurocentric dimensions of hegemonic academic philosophy in general, and of critical theory in particular, questioning the alleged universalism that has inhabited critical philosophy from Hegel and Marx to the present day. On … Read more

CFP – Contested Identities: Critical Conceptualisations of the Human

From Dr. Jean du Toit: Those submitting abstracts are reminded to send them to the conference email address (, rather than the personal email addresses of the conference organisers. If you have already sent your abstract to one of the organisers’ addresses please confirm receipt. Those submitting abstracts are reminded to send them to the … Read more