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Morbid Fecundity

Guile self exponents its own sham. Under the disinterested locus, solitariness is all that one sought for. It is the liminal being, which is the master of its own movementlessness, gets over the randomness of other truth seekers emblematic points of utterance. It is through this morbid solitariness that one maps the other syndrome. Other … Read more

Idea of Happiness

Happiness memorizes ‘itself’ through certain areas from ones past belongings. It is tied to the memory of that particular place, yet happiness itself, to its core, is a wholesome category. It is an ideational object, people sought for. It is an object of random search. As it is a category of holistic pattern, its sensibilities … Read more

Detour, rampant

Glaring images, assessing itself through condensed sound, conglomerate with the passable pictorials, slashes the psyche. Solidified sound lands with image, in contradiction with upper hand pictorials. Imminent pictorials, immanent, gets starved and thingified with contra-pictures, images. Journey, not yet begun, but half done. Roundabout ways, solipsism towards the road. Road must never end. Annals of … Read more

Natural History and grounding of Hope

In Horkheimer and Adorno’s Dialectic of Enlightenment (1944), Myth and Enlightenment are shown to be enmeshed with one another. Mythical stories are transformed, from the perspective of Enlightenment, into Allegory, Allegory as the “original history of human subjectivity”. It is the journey of historical subject, from the world of myth towards man’s self-conscious identity. Odyssey … Read more

Dialectical Image or, the Messianic Explosion of History

“Nothing happens, no-one comes, no-one goes, it’s awful”                                              Waiting for Godot (1953), Samuel Beckett Thus can be said about history, where things just pass as mere succession of facts. But nothing really happens. For ‘historical materialism’, present is ‘catastrophe’[1]. It is the homogeneous present ridden with ‘status-quo’. Things don’t change; this status-quo is ‘catastrophe’ … Read more