On Realism

Real’s punctuation dethrones itself. It is through its ‘ism’ that real is questioned. In many ways, realism attacks the real, and its (real) modal verb is curbed, as realism occupies its junction, and disturbs the real. Realism is put into question, because the vivid outplay of detail, realism’s key modal play, makes real diminish. Through … Read more

Interrogating Theatre: Samuel Beckett’s Negative Theology and the Eschatological Performance

“The bastard! He doesn’t exist” Endgame, Samuel Beckett Beckett’s oeuvre reflects the ‘transcendental homelessness’ of modernity and his characters illustrate dilemmas of inauthentic existence, that is, of life unable or unwilling to take responsibility for its actions. These existential concerns, the vague but persistent hint at some transcendental meaning, mixed in with Beckett’s uncompromising aesthetics … Read more

Films of Ritwik Ghatak and Pier Paolo Pasolini: – Ever return of the same?

‘I am a force from the past                                                  Tradition is my only love                                                 I come from church, altarpieces, forgotten hamlets….’                                                                                        La Ricotta (P.P. Pasolini, 1962) ‘Then Yama (God of nether world) asked Nachiketa (one who has no desire), “don’t ask for absolute knowledge, ask for some other boon.”  Nachiketa was a fool’                                              … Read more

City Lights

How many people peopled the city? How many stories each of them inhere in life? How many streets are full with stories and anecdotes, of people, loving, or despicable? At what moment despite being one in million, one feels the estrangement of being; at what moment the concrete cityscape surpasses life, to make one solitary?  … Read more


A moral high scene circumnavigates perspectives of allied truths. Bogey men call down rhythm. Only in One is respite for many.  Yet many calls for the same, many perspectives. At least more than one or two or even three.  Here is the chance for total usurpation of Bourgeoisie think tank. To have many perspectives in … Read more

Falling apart

Topsy turvy effect of chief conundrum, bypass surgery of falling through the hell like syndrome of Amsterdam port, sharing coffee with the chieftain and Gorilla. Mexico City bar. Inside out, too much to fathom with the dealings around, admixtures of romance. I care none. Perfect play. Performative aghast.  Who is here to reduplicate it, like … Read more

After-Life Coming

Man’s human abode is the molecular developmental plasmatic state of worlding. Who cares for the abode when life is agog with its own sight and sound? Sound the primary creative matter, resolute in reckoning the configuration of human body space. That is also filled with the basic substance, the materiality of consciousness. What then is … Read more

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