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Spaces of Immanence

Spaces journeys through its thorough stillness. It offers itself through its ad-hoc three dimensional pictoriality.  Pictoriality lands and shrinks its “for-itself” otherized selfhood into two-dimensional imagified immanent spacehood. Space as condensed rubric of objective truth maker is spatially denotative. In the realm of reflection, spaces are used to confer upon itself its own terms of … Read more


Dungeon hills through ad-hock admiration. The big hole never succumbs to nothingness. The substances never forget to nullify the big hole, yet the hole creates through the airy holes, nothing is forgotten for many ones. It is perceived also through the landscapes. The hole creates gaps in the land space. The land space corrugates as … Read more

On Realism

Real’s punctuation dethrones itself. It is through its ‘ism’ that real is questioned. In many ways, realism attacks the real, and its (real) modal verb is curbed, as realism occupies its junction, and disturbs the real. Realism is put into question, because the vivid outplay of detail, realism’s key modal play, makes real diminish. Through … Read more

Interrogating Theatre: Samuel Beckett’s Negative Theology and the Eschatological Performance

“The bastard! He doesn’t exist” Endgame, Samuel Beckett Beckett’s oeuvre reflects the ‘transcendental homelessness’ of modernity and his characters illustrate dilemmas of inauthentic existence, that is, of life unable or unwilling to take responsibility for its actions. These existential concerns, the vague but persistent hint at some transcendental meaning, mixed in with Beckett’s uncompromising aesthetics … Read more